Nigerians Top List Of Women Bleaching Their Skin In Africa

nigerian women bleaching skin africa

Nov 12, 2015 – Nigeria has the highest number of women bleaching their skin in Africa. – WHO

In 2015, the World Health Organisation released a report on bleaching that did not really surprise anyone.

According to the report, Nigeria has the highest number of women bleaching their skin in Africa. Nigeria polled a whopping 77 percent compared to Togo’s 59 percent. Even outside the country, in far places like Dubai, business is booming for people who sell, among other cosmetics, skin lighting products. In our part of the world, one in every 10 dark skinned persons is now a patron of bleaching products, whether consciously or not. Most of us have come across at least one lady who attempts to whiten her skin. They are easily identifiable by the uneven patches of darker skin fading away and the dark colour still retained by the joints, the elbows and knuckles. Those who who successfully bleach look almost ghostly, because even with the new skin tone on top, there is an underlying layer of dark skin that makes them look slightly off-colour.

Usually the preferred method is to use lightening lotions and soaps. Some may use stringent facial cleansers, body scrubs, and even anti-fungal creams in order to bring out their inner beauty. There are even rumours of a particular drug designed to help flush out impurities and lighten the skin. Disparaging comments are usually made verbally or on social networks about people who bleach. Somebody on Facebook once posted the question to his friends, “why do girls bleach?” The question, till date, is still valid. Why do girls – sometimes boys – bleach their skin?

The first reason is the societal attitude towards fair girls. They are considered more beautiful. And why not? Their skin is more eye-catching than regular brown or dark chocolate skin. Light coloured skin is thought to be a sign of wealth, since maintaining it under this weather is rather expensive. This attitude is traceable to age-long impressions of inferiority in the average African towards the white man. Another reason is the men. Most guys are more attracted to girls with light skin and seem to treat them with more respect. The music entertainment industry does not help matters one bit, by featuring half caste or white girls in music videos. That way, they poison the minds of the dark skinned girls who will now consider themselves not beautiful enough to be featured in these videos.

Apart from this blow to self-esteem, bleaching has several dangerous medical consequences. Hydroquinone, a bleaching agent found in most skin lightening products, suppresses the production of melanin, reducing the skin’s natural shield against the sun’s ultraviolet rays increasing the risk of skin cancer. It also penetrates the skin and causes damage to connective tissue, inducing premature aging. Mercury, another toxin found in bleaching creams, causes cancer. Bleaching brings out rashes and unsightly blotches on the skin surface and weakens the skin so that it cannot be stitched when cut. If the chemicals are absorbed in the bloodstream they can cause organ failure and brain damage.

The society needs a complete attitude adjustment concerning the meaning of true beauty. The phrase “black is beautiful” needs to be revived both in speech and action. The entertainment industry has a responsibility to promote the image of dark skinned Africans as the essence of true natural beauty. The rest of us have to learn to take pride in how we are made. The truth is that no one else will do it for us. It must begin with us.

[Reported By Jennifer, Mass Comm., OFFA POLY]

9 thoughts on “Nigerians Top List Of Women Bleaching Their Skin In Africa

  1. does she watch herself in the mirrior she look like a dog my dear your black skin fits you more than what you are now ok i wish you can stop this anyway even if you stop it you can never get back the former colour black is beautiful,black is natural

  2. Who says black is not beautiful? The most annoying part is the ugly dark knuckles on their fingers, the green fungi-like color inside their ear lobes, and the accompanying body odor when they sweat. This “bleaching mentality” dates back to the 60s when Sir Victor Olaiya and other highly esteemed musicians sang songs like “omo pupa”, that is, light skinned lady. I forever appreciate the likes of late Mrs Maryam Babangida, Ms Bimbo Roberts Oloyede formerly of NTA, Ene Oloja of Cock Crow at Dawn fame etc. There is some inferiority complex attached to those who bleach their skin, particularly in hot climate. The skin has difficulty healing after surgery as the elasticity has been destroyed from bleaching off the layers of skin that God meant to protect the inner tissues. A former First Lady died due to complications of her skin not healing after a major surgery. If you look closely, you will notice that most light skinned people are merely attractive, not beautiful in the real sense of the word. If light skin makes a person beautiful, why do we see not so pretty Oyinbo people? (I hate to refer to anyone as “ugly”, for everything God created is perfect). As for the men who bleach, what man in his right mind has time to stand before a mirror and apply bleaching cream to his body? “yeye” people.

    • Thank you Lola. Black is beautiful. I work with white people and have dated both white and Black ladies. I prefer Black. Black color lasts a life time but white does not. They have to keep toning it up.

  3. Nigerian women are bleaching their natural skin because of inferiority complex. What they are doing is sending out a message and embolden their white counterpart that they are indeed inferior. There are lot of white folks who love to date only black women. I can’t just understand why some women think that by bleaching their skin they can attract men. Not every men loves light skin women. Everybody has his choice. The most worrisome part of this is some men are also into this business. They are known as “Faworaja” l really dislike them. It appears that some of them are not really busy. If any man has a good job he won’t have time to be mixing bleaching cream not to talk of using it.

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