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“Dubai Is A Dangerous Place For Nigerians” – Mother Of Nigerian Killed In Dubai Warns

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“Dubai Is A Dangerous Place For Nigerians” – Mother Of Nigerian Killed In Dubai Warns

nigerians killed dubai

Oct 22, 2014 – Nigerians Are Killed Daily In Dubai – Aisha Falode Warns Parents

We cannot stand by and watch our youths lives being down played over and above “collaboration and partnership” with a country that hates us with so much passion, that they are cutting down the lives of our young ones in cold blood crudely and viciously and yet we seek “partnership and collaboration” in investment with this same country.

It is with a heavy heart that I read about the death of the son of Chief Alameiyeseigha on the streets of Dubai; an incident that immediately jolted me back in time thanks to the bizarre similarities to that of my son as regards “cause of death”.

My son was said by the Dubai authorities to have jumped down from a balcony, dismissing it as “suicide”, same with Chief Alameiyeseigha’s son.

I am saddened that this has happened despite my nationwide campaign to stop this happening AGAIN by putting all relevant government agencies on notice, in vain.

For record emphasis, my son was thrown from the balcony of a 17th floor apartment in Manchester Tower in Dubai. A Saudi resident in Dubai confessed to the murder; he had my son’s blood on his t-shirt, he had my son’s blood on his knuckles and boasted about serving time for 25 years in prison if it comes to the worst.

His murderer has a name—Faisal Aldakmary Al-Nasser.

There were witnesses to this murder, they have written statements verbally and orally corroborating what the murderer said. I have put all this together to make this easy for the Nigerian government to help me get justice for my son in Dubai.

I warned the Nigerian government that Nigerian youths were being killed in Dubai on a daily basis as confirmed by our embassy in Dubai. I also warned parents about the danger of Dubai.

I also stated repeatedly, that if justice was not gotten for my son that another murder will happen. Indeed there have been many more after my son although not mentioned because they do not have a voice. But now, there is one so close to government that has been struck.

I did not have to be a soothsayer to know this. Many more will happen until we get Justice for Toba Falode, and all those who have been murdered in cold blood in Dubai.

We cannot stand by and watch our youths lives being down played over and above “collaboration and partnership” with a country that hates us with so much passion, that they are cutting down the lives of our young ones in cold blood crudely and viciously and yet we seek “partnership and collaboration” in investment with this same country.

Our ambassador in the UAE, Ambassador Ibrahim Auwalu, must be called back to Nigeria to answer to every young soul that has been lost to Dubai unaccounted for due to his lack of responsibility in office.

The Foreign Ministry also, must be asked questions on what they have done about Toba Falode’s case 8 months after. It took Israel less than 48 hours to act on the loss of their 3 youths.

8 months after Toba Falode’s murder, we are still waiting on the Nigerian government to give us any kind of reaction on the loss of a young life-Toba Falode in Dubai.

Even after submitting every evidence, our protest, police reports corroborating the fact that my son was murdered, we still have gotten no response at all from the Nigerian government.

Take a queue from Israel.

And the Nigerian Government for once should start acting like a big country with so much might and power that it is in the continent and indeed in the world and go after Dubai for justice for every young soul and every Nigerian life that has been cut short in Dubai.

We send our sympathy and condolences to DSP Alamieyeseigha.

The family and friends of their son, we empathise with them because we have been through and are still going through it and it is nothing we wish for any parent which was our concern from the start.

This is one death too many. May it not happen again.



  1. up

    October 22, 2014 at 10:00 PM

    Nigeria Government should look into this matter….May Her soul rest in peace

  2. Azeez

    October 23, 2014 at 6:10 AM

    justice is required in all these cases that has happened. But, i will make it clear to all readers that for you to get this Justice and uncover the cause of the death. The Nigeria Embassy here in UAE will have to follow up the case. I have read this story online in Nigeria dailies that the family are pressing the case with the Dubai government but, the response they got was that, it could only handled by the government of Nigeria which is being represented here in UAE by the Embassy.
    Another point i will like to make here is this, I have been living and working in United Arab Emirates since 2011 to date. I can say categorically that the country is peaceful and accommodate foreigners. So,the issue of killing, murder and crime has to do with the individual himself. If you stay away from danger, you will be less prone to danger.Our youth also be sensitize on the way they live there life outside the county. Most of them associate easily with other nationalities you know little or nothing about, they visits clubs, drinks, gambling and do all sort if thing not expected of them. Some of them even involve in armed robbery( they were caught), fraud and others bad things. There is a story of a Nigerian in an online gulf news ( and emirates247 you can read there dailies of what Nigerian do involve in. Search for story about Nigerian who invloved in armed robbery, a drunk lady naked in the street of Dubai and other bad things which is not expected of a good and well behave person. i rest my case.

    • Azeez Adeola

      October 23, 2014 at 5:45 PM

      You are very right Azeez. What those children of the rich in Nigeria are doing outside is very bad.I symphatize with the family that lose their loved ones but did you realy know what cause their death? UAE is a peaceful country that allow any nationalty to do as they like but you must follow their law. Nigeriam goverment should educate our ambassadors that they should put Nigerians first in any country they were transfered to. Please don’t blame UAE for what happen to our children in Dubai. It happens everywhere in the world. For example, look at what our so called students are doing in Malaysia.

  3. Petrus Vieri

    October 23, 2014 at 6:38 AM

    Every country forbids Nigeria, if i may ask is dis a curse?

  4. angee

    October 23, 2014 at 8:30 AM

    Yes, dis woman is ryt, an to tink of it, dis is a country dat witout nigerian petronage in their market, they will fold their hands an b mooping like fools, nigerians boost dubai economy 50% if not 60, i strongly believe dat d government can do somtin over all dis untimely death on our youths. But fear an complex will not allow dem to act accordingly. Its quite unfortunate. To does affected, its a pitty.

  5. Teager_Gee

    October 23, 2014 at 3:09 PM

    What’s that lady’s name that heads the committee on diaspora Abike dabiri right? won’t she comment. if it is Jonathan she will know what to say.

  6. coles.

    October 23, 2014 at 3:11 PM

    “Dubai is a dangerous place” But all of una dey carry Nigeria stolen money go enjoy there. Go tell that one to Chika Ike if she go agree with you.

  7. Jilo

    October 23, 2014 at 3:43 PM

    Mrs. Falode I really empathized with your situation especially for the lost of your son in a Country where they have negative feelings for Nigerians. Most of these faults emanate from the attitude of Nigerian authority. These people (UAE) knew that we are not thinking about anything else’s order than Money. They have seen how our leaders are behaving or act toward us that is why they are treating us badly. This is a Country where our leaders buried most of our treasure. It will be difficult for our government to take action because that Country is a source of joy or amusement to most our leaders. It only take one time to try such with western nations. Corruption has eaten deep into our flesh that we ignore our fundamental human right. Our foreign consulates are incompetence to investigate the death of its citizens. Is that not part of the reasons why we appoint some officials on behalf of Nigeria government for the interest of its citizens? Few years ago a Nigerian was in detention in United States for good seven years because he has no representative from Nigeria consulate. This guy was in the middle of fighting his asylum because he had no representation. He was languishing in detention for 7 solid years before a good samarithan decide to drag Nigeria embassy into his case. This news came out in a Washington Post. The authority was claiming that nobody came from Nigeria embassy at least to follow his case. Here is a Nigerian with no criminal history. This is to show how useless and inept our foreign officials are. Most of these folks are getting paid for doing nothing. It might as well not having an embassy than having unequal to the task one. As for the situation of Dubai killing how I wish those killers redirect their focus on innocent Nigerians and start killing the thieves in Nigeria bureaucrats and seize their properties. Stupid people.

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