Nigerians Believe Tiwa Savage Has Sold Her Soul To The Devil As Rewind Video BTS Photos Surface

tiwa savage sells soul to the devil

Nov 2, 2016 – Nigerians Believe Tiwa Savage Has Sold Her Soul To The Devil As Rewind Video Behind The Scene Pictures Surface

Check out these new photos of Tiwa Savage as taken on the set of her new video shoot.

These raunchy photos were taken from her recent video shoot for hit single ‘Rewind’.

The hardworking mother of one dropped the video last week and to further promote the video, her marketers released these photos to the web this week.

Most Nigerian youths believe Miss Savage has sold her soul to the devil for allegedly displaying an occult symbol in one of the pictures.

Now that she has been signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation, most of her fans believe she stepped up the ladder of success with the help of the Illuminati secret cult.

11 thoughts on “Nigerians Believe Tiwa Savage Has Sold Her Soul To The Devil As Rewind Video BTS Photos Surface

  1. i have been warnning people to stop listenning to her music and Davido. the next thing illuminati will do is to shawer her with excess money so that she will catch many nigerians and put them into their kingdom, her music has already been possesed people better be warned. and Jesus is at the door. what out what is happening in america illuminati wants to loose election and they explode bombs around america and blame terrorists, russia or natural disaster to stop handing over to trump if he is not killed before hand over. or they will declear clinton winner and riot will break out and obama will issue martial law to enable him remain in power because they have worked for 70 years to brings about this one world system that will bring the anti christ.

  2. No much thing with the picture, she is just trying to promote her business. Is like an actor/actress who interpreat diffrent role given by producer or director.

  3. @ remind…which talent do you have? to conderm people? leave that work for God and concentrate on soul teacing peole how to love…not the other way…hate and antagonise people. not judge???Pastor you are teaching people the policy of hatred and backbiting,,,,Pray for tiwa instead…fpr God guidance.and learn the act of loving peole unconditionaly.if tiwa is the devil,,,wht would you say about the killings in the north south and other part of the world…

  4. wat ever is happening is all wriiten in revelation but i will make heaven by God grace cos de God in me is greater than the god in them so i will remain focused in the race to heaven

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