Nigerians Come For Juliet Ibrahim For Rude Attack On Empress Njamah

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May 19, 2017 – Nigerians Come For Juliet Ibrahim For Rude Attack On Empress Njamah

On Wednesday, Nollywood actress Empress Njamah expressed her opinion on Mercy Aigbe’s marriage trouble by saying not all men should be blamed for domestic violence. If you missed what she said, watch the interview here.

Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim reportedly took to Instagram on Thursday to call out Miss Njamah for her take on domestic violence.

Nigerians who called out Juliet Ibrahim for being rude towards Njamah served it hot to her.

See their comments below:

Juliet Ibrahim sabi bring mouth for Naija matter and anytime she does, she always get in trouble.#talkarimi thingz

7 thoughts on “Nigerians Come For Juliet Ibrahim For Rude Attack On Empress Njamah

  1. JULIET IBRAHIM..A LOCAL AND TIMID PERSON WHO HAS por acting skills..look at how vulgar she started with incoherent sentences..empress hammered it into all of u especially in nollywood to get your acts together,,juliet had interview few weeks ago of having intimate acts in the u call such ones a wife material or role model..they are all fake individuals.empress..3 gbozas for u again

  2. That Ibrahim must be suffering from guilty conscience…many women hide under the umbrella of domestic violence to perpetrate evil against their husband, they know fully well that at the end the man must be blamed irrespective of whose fault.

    To get any problem resolve/solve,one must get to the root of it,if not,that problem will keep on reoccurring. So in this domestic matter,women need to accept their own fault.

    In all these, people need to know that marriage is not a match/competition between the man and woman,rather a team work for better family/home.

  3. That Juliet is a fool she just wanted to be notice as for me there is nothing bad in wat empress said

  4. Juliet Ibrahim well said, I supported you fully.
    Men who beat their wives have Mental Health Problem
    I feel sorry for you Empress you are not married so you don’t know how it is to be a wife or a responsible woman wait till you get married. Empress or what do you call yourself if you haven’t got any sensible thing thing to say please keep shut.

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