Nigeria’s 2013 Budget Of N4.987 Trillion Passed (Breakdown, Summary)

nigeria 2013 budget

Dec 21st, 2012 – Nigeria’s 2013 Budget Of N4.987 Trillion Passed (Breakdown Summary)

On Thursday the 20th of December, 2012 , the national assembly passed a whopping 4.987 Trillion naira for Nigeria’s 2013

The budget was increased by 63 million naira since the initial budget proposal submitted by President Jonathan was N4.924 Trillion.

Nigeria’s 2013 Budget Breakdown / Summary

  • N387,976,000,000 for statutory transfers
  • N591,764,000,000 went for debt service
  • N2,386,024,770,349 earmarked for recurrent (non-debt) expenditure
  • N1,621,477,655,252 for capital expenditure.

Nigeria’s 2013 Budget Analysis: Capital Expenditure

  • N168,173,800,000 allocated for Works
  • N84,228,166,366 allocated for Water Resources
  • N73,159,378,866 allocated for Power

Hope they will do something to tackle the problems of unemployment and corruption currently battling the nation.

God have mercy! What a huge budget!

37 thoughts on “Nigeria’s 2013 Budget Of N4.987 Trillion Passed (Breakdown, Summary)

  1. Mr Gej nothing for education or u 4got that web are going to school without teachers to teach us in nigeria no teaching materials in our schools

    • Where re u from mr Yusuf hat u ll be asking such question.? U should ve asked questions or read further rather than come here n such question… What do u mean by “nothing for education?”. Do u read at all? Ve u read thru n found out that there is nothing for education?

  2. i just get pisd off wen i see these figures,,wot happened to all previous budgets for the past 50 yrs,hmmm,,as if we will see changes,,smtchww

  3. Dis is a heap load of crap. Can dey tell us why d budget was inflated with so much amount and wat is the effect of the increase?

  4. imagine a country like this, if God give me the authority to rule the world for just five minute i will first of all sink the so called nigeria in pit and continue withn the other countries in thne world

  5. Want is a growing giant whom the coat of have was never large enough to cover.[Ralph Woldo Emerson]THE CONDUCT OF LIFE 1860.
    Tnx to Nigeria’s

  6. How many promises can full a basket? Lets lv the government 2 their concience i knw 4 sure that they are still baskin in the euphoria of wealth

  7. Oh! Wot a good country with poor leader,imagine nothing 4 education it seems those politician no want us 2 go skul and u don pack all ur pikking go abroad please and please remember us in ekiti state.

  8. God help our country leaders to lean how to break down a good (plan) budget.nothing for education,transportation,health,agricultural sector and the needy onece.we will die of poverty in this country, if we do not take note.remain bless.

  9. Times have change, make a meaningful implementation for a commoner to benefit and stop deceiving our patient nation.GUDLCK!!!!!!!!

  10. The nation leadership should kindly dialogue with the national assemly to implementing the 2013 budget. This is the month of june 2013, should they had forgotten.

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