Nigeria’s IGP MD Abubakar Shares Pre-Wedding Photos – See His Wife, Safiya

md abubakar wedding photos

August 29, 2013 – Nigerian IGP Mohammed Abubakar Shares Pre-Wedding Photos – See His Wife, Safiya

Nigeria’s police Inspector General, Mohammed Abubakar is set to marry a year after the death of his first wife, Maryam Abubakar who died of cancer last year.

This was made public in our previous update. (If you missed it read it here)

As we speak, MD Abubakar and his wife-to-be, 35-year-old Safiya are currently preparing for their big day.

On Saturday September 14, Abubakar will officially take Safiya as his lovely wedded wife.

For those who do not know her, Safiya is a daughter to Ex-minister Bunu Sheriff Musa.

At age 35, Safiya is still a hottie.

Love is a beautiful thing. See this oga at the top who is always serious smiling graciously.

Congrats to the couple.

11 thoughts on “Nigeria’s IGP MD Abubakar Shares Pre-Wedding Photos – See His Wife, Safiya

  1. Haba oga IG those pix are too childish for u, like sey u never marry b4 or like sey u no born big big children. Abeg make una try behave matured cos una bi leader woo.

    • my dear love has no bound whether you are old or young/ strong or weak, just allow it to flow. there is nothin childish in that pix he is just expressing himself moreover is a lesson to we young married ones if a man of such age can express his love for his wife in such a manner then what happens to us? it doesn’t matter if he has grown up kid is a lesson to them. Pls Queen no form big gal for your husband in public let the world know you love him and is nobody but him in your life. thanks.

  2. On behalf of The FORMED POLICE UNIT (FPU) MALI Contingent presently in Timbuktu Mali, we wish to congratulate our able IGP. MD Abubakar on the occasion of your forthcoming Wedding ceremony. Happy Married life, Long life and more Prosperity, sir. We love u……….CPL. GABRIEL EMAIKWU

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