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Nigeria’s Life Expectancy Is Now 52 Years (Lowest In West Africa)

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December 1st, 2012 – Nigeria’s Life Expectancy In 2012 Is 52 Years (Lowest In West Africa)

This colour-coded map reveals the startling difference in life expectancies across 222 of the world’s countries.

The map shows how people are likely to live the longest in developed countries with state-funded healthcare systems like Japan, Canada and the UK, which each have average life expectancies of over 80 years.

The tiny tax haven of Monaco – with its notoriously wealthy inhabitants and compulsory state-funded health service – has the highest life expectancy at an average of 89.68 years, five years higher than anywhere else on earth, according to the CIA World Factbook. The country with the worst life expectancy is the African state of Chad at a shocking 48.69 years.

Life expectancy in America ranks 51st in the CIA’s table at 78.49 years – lower than Canada (81.48), Australia (81.90), New Zealand (80.71), Japan (83.91), the UK (80.17) and much of Europe.

Of the top five longest-living nations the only large country is Japan, with the rest being city states (see box).

Life expectancy levels in South America and generally 10 years lower than those in North America.

People are likely to live the shortest in sub-Saharan Africa, with no country in that vast region having an average life expectancy of over 60.

Only a few Asian countries, including Afghanistan (49.72) and a couple of Caribbean nations, have such similarly short life expectancies compared with Africa.

The worst countries to live in if you want to reach old age are Afghanistan (49.72), Swaziland (49.42), South Africa (49.41) Guinea-Bissau (49.11) and Chad (48.69), whose people are generally expected to die before they even reach middle age.

The map, created by, shows the average life expectancy for both men and women. The CIA’s individual breakdown confirms that women on average live longer than men. Life expectancy for a woman in Monaco is 93.77 years compared with that of a man at 85.74 years.

In Chad life expectancy for men is only 47.61 years while women are expected to live slightly longer to 49.82 years.

American men live 76.05 years on average while women in the United States live to 81.05 years.

In the United Kingdom the life expectancy of men is 78.05 years while it is 82.4 years for women.

While the United States has consistently fallen in the rank of world nations over the last 50 years, the average life expectancy has risen from 69.8 years in 1960 to 78.49 today.

And while Chad’s figure of 48.69 today is shockingly low, in 1960 Afghanistan had the world’s lowest life expectancy at 31.3 years.(Source: DailyMail UK)

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  1. Vickyblack

    December 2, 2012 at 5:47 AM

    This is arrat nonsense….if we Nigerians don’t die @ 52 they shld come and kill us….am sure we ll live longer dan even those in Monaco

    • Samuel ogbonna

      December 2, 2012 at 4:12 PM

      No one can take wot he did not keep,so is only the creator of life (God) can take life.let them get it into their scolls.


      December 7, 2012 at 5:26 PM

      Hi Vickyblack,

      What the report simply means is that taking an average population in nigeria, 52 years is the standard age that death is expected.

      You should also take into consideration that neccessary parameters such as health care delivery, pollution, unemployment e.t.c are considered.

  2. Francis Dickson

    December 3, 2012 at 4:37 AM

    watz d yardstick 4 arriving at this conclusion? Is it bcoz Nigeria has bcom vulnerable 2 incessant attacks frm east, west, north n south? Could it also be as a result of unemployment, hunger, poor healthcare etc? As 4 me n my household, we shal live 2 funfil our destinies on earth. Such prediction comes frm d pit of hell!

  3. Basilia Ebere

    December 3, 2012 at 7:10 AM

    God is d owner of my life, long life and prosperity is my portion in jesus name amen

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