Nkiru Sylvanus Defends Okorocha “Imo Governor Not A Tribalist”

Oct 2nd, 2014 – Nkiru Sylvanus Defends Okorocha “Imo State Governor Not A Tribalist”

Abia-born Nollywood actress and movie producer Nkiru Sylvanus has come open to defend Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State.

In a recent interview, the actress says the wealthy governor is not a tribalist.

See interview excerpt below:

Interviewer: You are from Abia State but got an appointment in Imo State

Nkiru: But you know I wasn’t the first person to get an appointment outside my state. There are commissioners in Lagos State that are Ibo people. There are members of exco in Niger State that are Ibo people. And in Imo State, I wasn’t the only non-indigene member of the state exco. There are Hausa and others.

Interviewer: What kind of relationship do you have with Governor Rochas Okoracha that qualified you to be appointed as one of his aides?

Nkiru: Look, the Governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha is not a tribalist. This is a man who wants to give opportunity to everyone irrespective of where they come from. He is a man that will look at you and ask you to come and work for him because you are good and dedicated. The truth is that it is very difficult to find people who are very dedicated to their jobs and if you find any, irrespective of where he or she comes from, I don’t think we should create any barrier to stop that person from serving. Since we preach one Nigeria, peace and unity, we should not discriminate. Because you are not from a particular state, then you should not be allowed to serve, we should campaign against such practice.

Okorocha has brought Nkiru back to Imo State. She has been appointed as the DG of a film school in Owerri Imo State.