Nollywood Actor Blasts Nigerian Pastors For Not Speaking Up Against Corrupt Politicians

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Sept 12, 2014 – Nollywood Actor Blasts Nigerian Pastors For Not Speaking Up Against Corrupt Politicians In Their Churches

Nigerian actor and film maker, Ugezu J Ugezu has challenged pastors and bishops in Nigeria to stand up against corrupt individuals in the government.

The outspoken movie star says Men of God are a major problem in the country. According to him, corruption abounds in Nigeria because some Pastors are not challenging politicians in their churches.

In his own words:

“Any pastor, bishop or the so called General Overseer that wants to attract my respect must follow the example of Jesus Christ, the apostles and disciples by standing in the gap for ordinary people and speak boldly against bad governance and repugnant policies and decisions of the government in place.
All you pastors that are looking for the big politician you will minister to, pray for, and be rewarded with fat envelope or possible credit alert are just pests.

You are not pastors for Jesus the Christ who is your leader never did that. He challenged bad governance and vehemently spoke against the hypocrisy of the men in power all his life. Next thing you will tell me you are man of God and I wonder who then the man of the devil is.

All ye ‘MEN OF GOD’ are the cardinal part of the problems we have in this country. You are the reasons the people in government are grossly not accountable to the people. You are looking for the money to buy private jets and those of you that already have private jets are looking for government waiver so they don’t ask you to pay the incredible amount airport authorities collect from private jet owners for parking space. Because of these, you don’t ever say anything and our public office holders are getting more corrupt. You guys are just pests, maybe ‘their’ pastors, never mine.

Next thing you will force your blind members into endless night vigils as they pray for good government. Ask yourself a simple question:- is that what Jesus did? Did you read anywhere in the new testament where Jesus gathered the apostles and his followers for a night vigil to pray for good government? Good government can only come when the people are inspired and motivated to challenge the people in positions of authority to be reasonable, responsible, accountable, efficient, effective, diligent, meticulous and conscientious.

Now, if you cannot inspire and motivate your followers to keep the government on their toes, if you cannot open your mouth and do what Jesus did, challenge the men in power and force them do the right things, then you better close that shrine you call your ministry and stop messing up the country.

Do you agree with him?