Nollywood Actor Kanayo O Kanayo Launches Own School, KOKMA Mentoring Academy In Lagos

kanayo o kanayo mentoring academy

April 15, 2016 – Nigerian Actor Kanayo O Kanayo KOK Launches Own School, KOKMA Mentoring Academy In Lagos

Veteran Nollywood actor KOK has opened his own academy in Lagos State Nigeria.

Kanayo O Kanayo launched the school named Kanayo O Kanayo Mentoring Academy (KOKMA) yesterday, Thursday the 14th of April 2016.

On why he opened the mentoring school, the actor said;

“Kanayo O Kanayo Mentoring Academy is about mentoring the young ones. It is a way of giving back to the society. The key message of KOKMA is to let the young ones know that they can be whatever they desire to be in life. Therefore, they must be guided in order not to allow any circumstances to limit their desire to excel in life.”

He urged Nigerian youths to come in and register for the upcoming school year.

More details will be communicated to the public in due time.

11 thoughts on “Nollywood Actor Kanayo O Kanayo Launches Own School, KOKMA Mentoring Academy In Lagos

  1. You say it’s your way of “giving back”. Is tuition free? What is the curriculum so we may direct students there.

  2. From the way things are going, this whole academy craze might turn out to be another way that Nigerians would be duped of their millions. Let me just keep my fingers crossed.

  3. Giving back to the society indeed. Is the registration gono be free or affordable for the less privilaged?

    Smart man! People will set up a money spinning business to enrich themselves yet claims to be giving back to the society, I dont understand.

    To me, the only people that gives back to the society are those willful philanthropists who asist the poor, be a channel of blessings to the helpless, people who never ask for anything but give out so much especially to the less privilaged.

    My strolling continues…

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