Seun Egbegbe Denies Wedding Introduction, Says Toyin Aimakhu Can Never Settle Down

toyin aimakhu introduction seun egbegbe

April 15, 2016 – Seun Egbegbe Breaks Silence On Wedding Introduction With Toyin Aimakhu

In a bid to further dissociate himself from Toyin Aimakhu, Ebony Film boss Seun Egbegbe has debunked his rumoured wedding introduction with Toyin in Ibadan.

While setting the records straight in a recent interview, Mr Egbegbe said:

“The day Toyin and I went to Ibadan, it wasn’t for any introduction. What happened that day was that my friend, Kay, who is based in the UK, was staging a funeral for his grandmother. That’s the reason we went to Ibadan. And we both put on the ankara aso ebi for the event.

It was the ankara that people saw that day and started peddling the rumour that we went for introduction because Toyin’s parents are also based in Ibadan,”.

Mr Egbegbe asked the press to stop associating him with Toyin. He added that the actress can never settle down.

15 thoughts on “Seun Egbegbe Denies Wedding Introduction, Says Toyin Aimakhu Can Never Settle Down

  1. What is wrong with all these Seun Egbegbe, Daniel and the likes these days that they keep lambasting their “Ex“ on social media?

    Cant you guys just shut up and let‘s just be? You pretend to dis-associate yourselves from these ladies yet unknown to you all, you are advertising your regret for the World to see for letting these girls go.

    I think the best approach here is for you guys to go on you two knees and ask these girls for pardon instead of all these pretex and show of shame.

    I de hate men wey de fall my hand jor. In short, make i come continue my strolling from here sef…

  2. For once, can Seun keep a low profile. This Guy still loves Toyin, wake up from your slumber. Toyin is long gone!

  3. I agree with you D hunter. It’s really becoming more like an obsession. No body talks about someone they have gotten over like that. She seems to be the only reason he is on the headlines these day . Guy abeg, get a new story line. U r getting boring.

  4. What is wrong with you seun? if you what toyin why dont you go for her instead of talking about her everyday. i hear she will not settle down uh r u the one who created her or r u da only man who can marry her? idiot live ur life and let her be. she left u accept and move and if u feel u cant move on go and hang urself on atomato tree msteeeeeeeeeeeew.

  5. Pls,let d girl be,u are nt dating her again so what. U are just jealous of her,toyin God will provide a good man 4 u

  6. I think this Seun of a guy is missing the sex he is getting from Toyin. Maybe Toyin knows all the sex positions to make a man’s brain go haywire. So, Seun look for another girl or a runs girl.

  7. Is this man still talking about Toyin, please leave her alone. By the way, who asked you this one you are saying? Please let her be and mind what minds you.

  8. I hv said it once and i ill continue saying dis dat dis man is madly in luv wit Toyin.
    He always uses an indirect approach towards her.
    let her be if u feel u re all dat man enough haba!

  9. guy if u love her simple tell her girl
    i love u be the mother of my unborn children and even though she does not love you eh soon after marriage she will grow to do without u.

    i wish u both a happy life and marriage if it is the will of GOD.

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