Nollywood Actor Leo Mezie Dying Of Kidney Failure: Abia Born Actor Begs Nigerians For N10M

leo mezie kidney disease

July 15, 2016 – Nollywood Actor Leo Mezie Dying Of Kidney Failure: Abia Born Actor At The Point Of Death Begs Nigerians For N10Million

A popular Nollywood actor is battling for life months after his marriage crashed.

Abia born Leo Mezie has been placed on weekly dialysis to keep him going because his sickness has reached an advance stage.

He said doctors told him to raise 10 million naira to carry out a mandatory kidney transplant in India.

The actor told colleagues he is totally broke and has no support.

He is currently living on dialysis as his second kidney has also failed.

He is begging the good people of Nigeria to rescue him from the grip of death.

See latest photo of Leo Mezie below

45 thoughts on “Nollywood Actor Leo Mezie Dying Of Kidney Failure: Abia Born Actor Begs Nigerians For N10M

  1. Where is the dialysis machine, I doubt all these fraudulent claim
    The crack addict is simply broke and looking for easy ways to make money

  2. @Clement Irabor i pray whatever that is wrong with him be fail on you. you re so ******. in time of your need i pray ******come to you. *****

  3. Iyabo Ojo and co.come to the rescue of your colleague in the industry.Tomorrow now you na go come out come flaunt Range Rovers like say una dey do competition.You all should come out now and help your colleague.You na go pack cars dey do shakara like say you na dey do competition.Your colleague needs N10,000,000.00 for operation.Na now we wan know who get money among you his colleagues o. Make you na no come showcase cars for people tomorrow. You all should help your colleague now.

    • You such a haterrrr! Oh my gush. She works hard for her money and has the right to enjoy it anyhow she feels like. Why are you crying over her success. If she feels the need to donate money she will, if not then so be it. She DOES NOT or is Obiligated to rescue anyone out with her money. And how are you not sure she has donated what she can..issshh.

      • You are such a *****! God don’t provide for u to enjoy, but for u to b a helping tool to others around u dat are in need **** like u.

  4. Clement obviously u don not have kobo to contibute so I solomley advice that u should stay ice .Thanks

  5. Clement,that is a hash way to approach this story. if you cant help flip to the next story than insulting a dying man.
    may you clement irabor find yourself in such state tomrow,Amen.

  6. That comment you just read was posted by a SELFISH Nigerian who want to discourage other well meaning Nigerians from helping a fellow Nigerian in dire need of help. Pls dont listen to him. Help the needy when you are in position to do so bcos it is more blessed to GIVE than to recieve, otherwise, pray for them. Dont be a stumbling block to others with a pure heart. @ Clement.

    NG should provide us with the details of his acc. No with which to reach this young man. I know that my little contribution and your own put together will go a long way too.
    God bless a cheerful giver.

    I take a stroll…

  7. You must be very stupid to talk that way.most hospitals don’t have dialysis machines.patients are admitted in hospital and are taken to dialysis centres to get the dialysis then returned back to the hospital.You do not call people crack addict if u are not certain. We pray that the actor gets the help he needs.May the Lord heal him completely.

  8. Hmmm, why are all dis actors having kidney problems, what’s really going on with them. We need to verify and knw why dis plague is overring on them.

  9. God!@clement look at the 2pix, the difference is just clear. God will direct destiny helpers to you.

  10. @clemment u made a vry bad comment,may b u said dat to draw attention,but now u have drawn curse to ur self.i jst pray that what shasha,sandra,and ocpeace said to u will not happen to u amen.but next time think well befor u comment and if u dont knw what to comment u skip to the next story,stop commentin nonsense to sensible news or story,in other to meet up to top 10 Ng list of this month.

  11. May Almighty God send help to him, there too many sickness in the world this days, and trust me some doctors just
    diagnose people wrongly.,

  12. Please Mr Leo open a GO FUND ME ACCOUNT, so that every body including those living abroad can donate. May the good Lord heal you. Ijn.

  13. i wonder y all Nigerian actors r suffering from kidney failures, hu or wat ever forces datz behind wil suffer n b destroyed in no distanct tym, enough of all dis deadly chronic diseases. I pray God tu forgive u n tauch his healing hands upon u in Ijn……Amen

  14. Lord Jesus please make a way for this your precious creature. Hear his cry oh lord Jesus, AMEN!!!

    Nollywood families
    Government organizations
    Non-governmental organizations,

    lets all do this together and save a life. Don’t wait until he dies then you all we come fully dressed up with fake tears running down and right after that you took over IG telling people how wonderful this individual was. Show that love while he’s alive please.

  15. I have only 5k to give out,how can I deposit it.
    Why Nigerian actors n celebs come dey battle kidney failure, d late ojb,now dis one,shey na beer parlor tins,heavy drinking of beer,carton tins,im sure no exercise at d end of the day

  16. Lord,forgive me and forgive ur son Mezie,manifest ur strenght in Mezie Leonard’s weakness in Jesus name.Where all seems to be impossible to human that’s when u come in,blessed be ur holy name.

  17. my bros leo mezie,may the lord who cured the woman with issue of blood and raised lazarus from dead heal ur soul and raise ur spirit.

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