Nollywood Actor Rykardo Agbor: The Day A Lady Disgraced Me In Orile Lagos


rykardo agbor

Feb 20, 2016 – Nigerian Actor Ricardo Agbor: The Day A Lady Disgraced Me In Orile Lagos

A female fan stopped right in the front of the road at Orile, Lagos.

There was traffic, so I had to park somewhere to pick a bike and I was rushing to get my car.

The girl saw me while she was also crossing and she completely forgot she was in the middle of the road.

I held her back to the other side of the road and told her my name.

She didn’t even reply me; she was just starring at me. I think that is about the craziest experience.

Also, I have been fortunate I don’t have any scandal. I am one of the few that really have nothing. I don’t go to clubs, though I attend parties occasionally.