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Nollywood Actress Aishat Abimbola Talks Marriage Crash & New Lover

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Nollywood Actress Aishat Abimbola Talks Marriage Crash & New Lover

aisha abimbola

April 11, 2015 – Nigerian Actress Aishat Abimbola Talks Marriage Crash, Says She Has New Boyfriend

Excerpts from Aisha Abimbola’s recent interview with The Entertainer

How did you end up as an actress?

Acting has always been my ultimate desire since childhood. Back in school, I was a member of cultural and theatre groups. As an undergraduate at Lagos State Polytechnic where I studied Catering and Hotel Management, Wale Adenuga’s group came to my department to shoot. Before then, I had told the theatre coordinator then that I will love to act and he gave me excuses. When they came, the coordinator was not around and Antar Laniyan was sitting down obviously waiting for a particular actress. Though I didn’t like him because of the role he played in Hostages, here he was sitting down and it was one thin line between me and my destiny.

How did you summon the courage to walk up to him?

I let go of whatever opinion I had about him. I greeted him and he replied with that his husky voice. I told him I wanted to act, he looked up at me and asked if I have been acting. I am sure when he looked at me, he wanted to be sure if my physique matches the cast they were waiting for. He asked me some questions and that was how I walked into my destiny. I was auditioned, he was impressed and that marked the beginning of my career as a professional actress. I am still thanking God for that great opportunity and I am still thanking Antar Laniyan for giving me that role.

What is your relationship with him now?

At some point you will have to separate the character from the real person. I told him I use to dislike him and we both laughed over it. We have worked together severally and I see him as my mentor. I have had people almost stoning me because of a particular role I played. I smile and I see such as more of a compliment because if I had not acted convincingly, they wouldn’t have gone that far. Definitely they were convinced that I was what I was not. There was a time armed robbers came to our camp when I was working with Tunji Bamishigbin. One of the robbers said he liked me so much because of the way I handle guns in movies. At the end of the day, they only went away with some items without harming anybody.

What is the most challenging role you have played?

I have not seen any movie that is not challenging but some of the most challenging will be the lead roles I acted when I was still a novice. I had to come face to face with top actors and actresses, I had to confront them because of the nasty roles I have to play. I confronted and insulted elders in the industry like Antar Laniyan, Jide Kosoko and others. I didn’t like the role I had to slap Odunlade Adekola because he is a grown man, he is someone’s father and a top star. Even after the scene we were still searching for his glasses and there was one I had to throw a glass cup at someone and he actually had a very deep bad cut. When I play such roles I get tensed and even after the scene, I still want to go on. I am naturally a very soft person.

Aside acting, what else do you do?

I am an event manager. I studied Catering and Hotel Management so I cater at events. I also do some buying and selling. And this year, I am hoping to produce my movie. It is long overdue. This year must not pass by without me producing a film.

Most of your colleagues are into movie production. What have you been waiting for?

I haven’t produced a movie because I don’t believe we can all be producers. Even though I hold that view, right now, I would say I am ready to go into movie production. I have been in this industry for over 12 years, I have written my script. It is just that I have never summoned the courage to produce them. My friends in the industry have been encouraging me to produce a movie. I have seen younger colleagues come in and make good movies so the time is now for me to produce mine. I have decided to let go of my fears and do something. It has been screen played, my scripts and my casts are also ready but I chickened out because I was scared.

What scared you?

I have seen producers cry and I am very scared of the market. Every marketer you talk to has a story to tell but, like I said, I have decided to take the risk. After all business is all about taking risks.

What is the movie all about?

It will be centred on family. I am hoping it would be a movie that children can sit and watch because I have banned my children from watching some of our films. I am a professional but I am speaking as a mother. There are some movies I don’t want my children to watch because I categorise such films as adult films. Don’t forget that visuals have a way of playing with the mind of kids. Being the overprotective mother that I am, I watch them first. If it is good enough, I allow my children to watch. We have roles to play as mothers and guardians. As parents, we shouldn’t be too busy to watch the kind of movies our children like. They are our future and I can’t destroy my future just because I want to get them entertained.  I am careful with what I expose them to because I don’t want them to get bad values.

What is the secret to your beauty?

I radiate what is inside of me because I have God. Yes, I want more but I am a very contented person. I want more but not desperately. Laugh if you can but before anybody criticises me, I pray to God to make them go through what I have gone through in life.

Are you in any relationship now?

Yes I am, I am a woman and so I am in love.

What are some of the lessons you have learnt in your failed marriage?

I have learnt never to trust anybody with my life or career. You have your life and you are the architect of your life and your destiny. My happiness depends on me and me alone.

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  1. Patoya Michael

    April 11, 2015 at 2:47 AM

    she is dating a married millionaire in abuja. I know her

    • Me

      April 11, 2015 at 3:58 AM

      Hunnnn! Omo Naija! Una don come again

  2. babe

    April 11, 2015 at 4:27 AM

    patoya who ask who she dey date….amebo is your job….as u come know her nko?

  3. ayobami

    April 11, 2015 at 6:07 PM

    patoya u beta bcom a blogger too

  4. rash adams

    April 11, 2015 at 7:59 PM

    lmao fat mama

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