Nollywood Actress Blessing Effiom Egbe Returning To Modelling Career

blessing effiom egbe modelling

December 7, 2015 – Nigerian Actress Blessing Effiom Egbe Returning To Modelling Career

See excerpts from Nollywood actress Blessing Effiom Egbe’s interesting interview with Sunday Telegraph.

The buzz was once everywhere that the season 3 of Lekki Wives was in the works, what’s delaying its airing?

People will start seeing it from the fresh season from next week. It’s already airing on DStv but you know with DStv it’s once a week, but with other platforms you can watch everything.

Your outing in both season 1 and 2 was captivating. What would you be doing differently in Season 3?

Season 3 is hotter than season 1 and 2 put together and that’s all I can say. It took me at least three months to write because it’s eight hours of content we are talking about.

Did you act in this fresh season?

I actually played a very terrible role and my husband was upset with me because I was a lesbian. Some actor messed up and didn’t show up and I had to play that role.

How was it like playing a lesbian?

I was shaking and I did a lot of cut. I think it was six scenes. The girl didn’t show up and so I took the role on the day of the shoot. Now you will understand why I did a lot of cut. Of course, I cringed. I cringed all through.

Before this season, why didn’t you join in the cast of Lekki Wives being an actress yourself?

It is not easy producing, writing and directing. When you act in your film, except you are not taking a big role, you can pull it off, but when you are a major character, it takes you away from other things.

Most people don’t know that you also direct movies apart from producing and acting. So what was the first movie you directed?

I was assistant director for the film titled ‘Two Brides and a Baby’. And then, I directed Lekki Wives 1, Lekki Wives 2, Lekki Wives 3. Why didn’t I make so much noise about it? For me, my work will speak for itself.

Has Lekki Wives really put you on your toes?

Yes, Season 3 will be the final season. I did ‘Equal Journals’ starring Kate Henshaw and Femi Jacobs. I produced and directed it. I’ve done ‘Keboti’, a short film and ‘This Thing Called Marriage’ series.

Are you done with baby making? Why did you ask?

Anyway, I’m done with baby making.

You look trim and dapper. How did you achieve this amazing figure?

I’m going back to my days. I was like this. Have you forgotten that I was a model before?

Are you going back to the runway?

I’m going back. I don’t know how and when, but if I get a good gig, I will walk that route and take the runway by storm because it’s been long.

But you know walking the runway means you are going to be showing a lot of flesh?…
I won’t show my flesh, but I will show the dress.

What if the gig is right?
It depends on what you mean by flesh. I can show some flesh, but I can’t show too much- I can’t wear bikini on the runway. I can’t do bikini again.

How is motherhood?

Motherhood is not easy. I’m head-on. I am hands-on 24/7. I’m a full time mother. I don’t even have a house help. I wake up, I sweep the floor. I bath the kids, take them to school and cook for them. I don’t want anybody to mother my children.

Most of your colleagues won’t admit to not having a house help?…

I am very happy doing what I am doing because somebody else cannot take care of your children like yourself. They need the attention of their mum. They need the attention of their dad. They need to grow in that sort of environment and when you don’t find time for your children things go wrong.

When did you take the decision to be a full-time mum?

Right from the start; my husband has that type of orientation and for some reason I have that as well. I exclusively breastfed for twelve months and people thought I was crazy. I think I also enjoyed that as a child because my mum had always been there.

What is the best thing about being a mother?
It is just seeing the different change that goes on in their lives. The different steps they take. The progress they make like when you see the first crawl, the first walk and other things like that.

You have just three kids, why are you putting a stop to making babies?

‘How many you want make I born?’ Three is enough, maybe because I am really on top of it that’s why it not easy to do one more. But if I would just have the child, drop it and go for my business like most people do, I may be able to do one more but I’m on it.

So what are you working on at the moment?

‘This Thing Called Marriage’- it’s a new series. It shows what goes on behind the scene when all the guests go home. You go back and face the real deal of marriage.

How have you been able to deal with your own marriage?

It is the grace of God. Every marriage has its own ups and downs. It’s just the grace of God and the values you have as a person. Would you want to leave this marriage and go try another one? It is a decision you have to make as a person.

It seems you were really schooled about marriage before you said ‘I do’?…

Not really. I learnt on the job. Anything about marriage that anybody tells you is rubbish. You experience it yourself and you build your truth yourself. It can never work for you the way it will work for me. So every school of thought in marriage except the one the bible says is all drivel.

We have not seen so much collaboration in Nollywood. Should people like you not be collaborating with Kunle Afolayan?

We are coming to that very soon because let’s say I have a strength in storytelling and these filmmakers have a strengths in the technical aspect of filmmaking. When we come together obviously we will break boundaries. We are beginning to consider things like that. Someone approached me, but for me, I’m a little skeptical because I know I’m a black and white person. My yes is yes and my no is no. But I know I have to be careful because in this industry of ours there are a lot of saboteurs. So I have to be careful in collaborating. This is because when you are collaborating, all the cards have to be on the table.

At what point did it dawn on you that you could be a production person and not an out-and-out actor?

My first self-produced movie was ‘Before the Vow’. I finished from City Varsity, Cape Town and I wrote this story. I came out, decided to film it and make some changes. That way I’d first produced before acting. I wrote and produced before acting. That was in 2004.

What did you study in school?

I studied Theatre Arts at the university.

Now that you are done making babies, are we going to see more of your acting?

Yes, I did ‘Equal Journal’. Again that wasn’t a role for me, but somebody messed up and I did it. I used to tell my actors, don’t play with me, I’m the one writing the script. If you mess up, I will take your lines.

So how do you unwind?

I dance a lot. I swim and I read.

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