Nollywood Actress Monalisa Chinda Praises Husband Victor Coker, Says He Is A Kind Man

monalisa chinda husband yoruba

February 28, 2016 – Nigerian Actress Monalisa Chinda Praises Yoruba Husband Victor Coker, Says She’s The Luckiest Woman Alive

The Nollywood diva who married her boo, Victor Coker in Port Harcourt last week has something to tell her fans.

In an exclusive chat with Razzle Dazzle, the actress said she is the happiest woman alive for falling in love with Mr Coker who cares so much about her happiness.

In her words:

“I thank God for this day, once again, I am happy, my husband has been a big pillar of support in my life and career, he is so concerned about my happiness and success.

victor tonye coker

He is less concerned about the negative things people say about me, he is a great guy, loving and God fearing, I am the happiest woman on earth for finding myself in his arms, marriage is a good thing my dear” .

Monalisa Chinda broke up with her first husband, Dejo Richards over allegation of battery. Her marriage produced a beautiful girl, Tamar Lily.

Her romance with Lagos big boy Lanre Nzeribe only lasted for sometime before it packed up.

Ogun-born Victor Coker has lived most of his life abroad before returning home to pick the beautiful actress as his wife.

A fan just sent us the official photos from their wedding ceremony. Will share this with you shortly.

May God bless their union.

17 thoughts on “Nollywood Actress Monalisa Chinda Praises Husband Victor Coker, Says He Is A Kind Man

  1. When you buy new shoe, you was like to wear am go everywhere. But when it has olded, you go hate am. Is a same thing weyris do Monalisa now. All of us are know. Ms Eranko is follow to know bicos she wise like me. Two both of us are wise pass. Bezo was follow to dey wise but nobody is see him again.

  2. 8 gbosa for you my bench. Even if I don’t understand everything in your comment, I think you are making sense, keep on amusing me with your dagalicious comment

  3. @ Bench I sight u.” When u buy new shoe, you was like wear am go anywhere.but when it has folded you go hate am. Laffing…. Bench u r wicked

  4. After all this praise, tomorrow you will still use this your mouth to say another thing. And secondly if this Victor Coker is getting married for the first time , how come he chose somebody who is over 40 years of age. Just curious sha, e nor concern me…..

  5. Stop the praises now and focus on making him your forever. Praises can never make you too live as man and wife live till death puts both of you apart.

  6. Dia she goes again… Its a recycling affair sort of.
    1st dia wld b a promised Ring,
    After dat an engagement Ring,
    Den comes d wedding Ring.
    Shortly afta, comes d suffeRing.
    Wishin u a lastin marriage dis tym sha.


    • Chai. D Hunter, wetin you say is make me laff o. But I am a haver of one questions for you. Na wetin is make you to hate me? I just want to knows. No be say I send.

  7. Na too much sugar daddy money and say e pity u marry ur old fat are na I’m make you dey talk like kanari owl.

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