Actress Salma Aminu: My Muslim Mother Converted To Christianity When A Pastor Raised Me From The Dead

salma aminu mother converted christianity

December 2nd, 2017 – Nollywood Actress Salma Aminu: My Muslim Mother Converted To Christianity When A Pastor Raised Me From The Dead

Fast rising Nollywood actress Salma Aminu has narrated how her mother, a staunch Muslim converted to Christianity.

The Abuja-based moviemaker in this chat with The Entertainer narrated what led to the conversion of her mother who is still happily married to a Muslim polygamist.

See excerpt:

Tell us about growing up?

Growing up was interesting. I am from a polygamous home. I remember growing up and how I was told I fell ill as a child and died just before I was a year old. However, a pastor at a church nearby was called over and he prayed over me and I resurrected.

My mum was somewhere else crying and preparing for burial when someone ran to call my mum that I was alive again. She didn’t believe because she thought it was a prank but to her greatest surprise, she came only to see that her daughter had peed on the pastor and was playing with him and that was how my mum who was a staunch Muslim woman got converted to Christianity and the rest is history.


Yes, I was also told the story of a woman who claimed responsibility for all that. I was in primary school when she came to confess to my mum and asked for forgiveness. And the last time I saw her, I was in the university and my mum showed her to me. She walked up to greet my mum and asked ‘is this Salma. She is all grown up now and she had tears in her eyes.

So your mum converted to christianity. How did your family take it?

Though my dad is still a Muslim, I have never been a Muslim to the best of my knowledge, but guess what? My dad is the closest to me and I love him so dearly. The religion thing has never been a problem in the family though it’s a polygamous family.

At what age did you discover that you wanted to be an actress and how did you come into Nollywood?

I’ve always loved to act even as a child but I’ve always thought I’ll go for law first then I can act while I practice. I came into the industry after a producer discovered me from a fashion show I did in 2008.

Recently there were reports in the papers that you dumped your lover, an actor for an Abuja big boy. What really happened?

Ok, just for the records. I was shocked when I read the reports myself. I am not dating the said Abuja big boy. He is just a friend. He was introduced to me by a friend who told him I could help him out with one or two things so as to achieve his production. We strictly have a business relationship and nothing else.

How did your lover take it. Did it affect your relationship?

It never affected my relationship because I am in a relationship that has a high level of trust. So, whoever is trying so hard to break it by carrying such rumor might have to try harder because it will take a lot more than that to make their plans work. I have never cheated on my boyfriend and never wished evil towards anyone so I am sure no evil plan will work against me.

Tell us about your love life?

My love life is not for public Consumption. I want it quiet.

What has been your happiest moment as an actress?

When I went to the ATM point and a woman gave way for me to make withdrawal because she just watched my movie barely an hour before she met me.

10 thoughts on “Actress Salma Aminu: My Muslim Mother Converted To Christianity When A Pastor Raised Me From The Dead

  1. REJOICE AND BE GLAD my sister bcos your mother has made a WISE decision and had chosen Light over darkness, Life over death, the way to Paradise over the way of perdition.

    Follow her steps to be saved from God‘s impending wrath on all the enemies of God and all those that forgets Him.

    I take a stroll…

  2. You are right Mr SD, this lady was not dead before. She was probably unconscious and revived. Since the woman could be an illiterate, she will concede to that pastors foolish antics. You could see his fellow congregants like Hunter who since inception of this site, he stood a religious fanatic. He has never contributed sensibly to anything but foolishly. Meanwhile, back to bible, performing miracle does not say your pastor was of God. That was practically the weak point in Christendom. A magician can even be regarded as Jesus in that religion as well. That was what prompted Jesus to say that these evil pastors would do greater miracles to decieve the elected like the mother of this lady.

  3. you are **** bro ,(omoluabi) havent you seen such miracle before well you are ***** and you will never see unless you open your eyes very well . this is a true confession of Gods grace .

  4. salma aminu you are in state of darkness ***** is not a God neither he is a messenger of God and he has no ****to cured a person

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