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Nollywood Actress Ufuoma Ejenobor Cursed Out Fans Over Support For Jonathan

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Nollywood Actress Ufuoma Ejenobor Cursed Out Fans Over Support For Jonathan

ufuoma ejenobor jonathan

Feb 11, 2015 – Nigerian Actress Ufuoma Ejenobor At War With Fans Over Support For Jonathan

Ufuoma has been exchanging hot words with fans over her support for Jonathan.

The actress shared a photo of herself greeting Jonathan with the following words of endorsement:

Ehen! I can see that MY choice is giving a few thumb itch. I’ve had decent people who support Gen Buhari leave decent messages about their choice. #NaUnaUnderstand respectingTheRightsOfOthers As for a few (there are a few) ewus who still need flogging, please grow up and read your rules here: #DoNotInsultMe At least not on this my page. #DoNotInsultAnyCommentatorHere #DoNotInsultAnyOfThePoliticalCandidates If you won’t leave a respectful comment irrespective of your choice then just #WakaPass. I’ve left comments without being silly on other people’s page. YOU HAVE A RIGHT…BUT THEN SO DO I. I’ve had enough of the insinuations. If you support Tinubu, you want change. If you support GEJ. .. especially if you are known, then you don take “national cake”. That hog wash should be left on your own page o. This administration has done tonnes for my industry and even if I haven’t personally partaken in the human capacity building or grants, I’d be lying to say it doesn’t exist. I owe only myself this explanation sef. Once again, #MyPresident #IHaveDecided #GEJTill2019 #MakePeaceWithYourself #MakeYourOwnDecision #NigeriaGoSurvive #WeAreOne #LetUsBuildNigeriaTogether

A fan named Sarah Peace Queen who thought the actress has joined the list of celebrities on President Jonathan’s payroll quickly came after her.

@SarahPeacequen said:

U know d truth @ufuomamcdermott that Jonathan is notworthy to be 2nd term president but becos u taken your share of d national bloody cake u are pretending what of chibok girls d killings in d north u are a mother your so called president couldn’t do any thing about it no light no water no security for us and our kids am a Nigerian though I don’t live here I live abroad because of all this bullshit u and all supporters are all hypocrites I don’t support johnathan or burari am looking on to.God for Nigeria becos we need help.

Sarah’s response to Ufuoma’s endorsement angered her.

Check out her qick reply

@sarahpeaceequeen from the ill manner of your speech, you’ve proven you don’t live here, lack respect for yourself, the opinion of others and lack the wherewithal to grasp good manners for as long as you live. You, the all mighty deputy jehovah god who knows THE TRUTH especially one who single handedly shared out bloody cakes, hide under the cover of living abroad and run fart out of your mouth, making insinuations when you have no PVC to help in decision making, confuse others to vote for God instead of one of the candidates and are comfortable if I support Buhari but not Jonathan. Great mother, #YouNeedJesus #MakePeaceWithYourself #IHaveDecided #YouShouldDoSameWithYourPVC #GEJTill2019

The Nollywood actress later addressed all her fans in a more aggressive manner:

Guys, I promise you I have your time. ON THIS PAGE, the minute you prove to be a goat , I will flog you with hot koboko. I don’t follow the crowd o. I don’t do bandwagons. But that which is my choice, I’m convinced and confident about. I won’t be bullied nor bamboozled by insults that I have been paid! If what you see itches your eyes, roll over! But if you must comment on this page, you will respect the opinions of others. You don’t have to like it, but you’ll respect it!

Her angry response should not come as a surprise to many fans and colleagues.

Ufuoma’s hot temper is the same reason she dumped her Nigerian boyfriend for a wealthy white man.

Her claim that she didn’t get paid by President Jonathan is far from the truth… As a matter of facts all Nollywood celebrities working for politicians both PDP and APC were paid.



  1. Ilesanmi Funke

    February 11, 2015 at 5:11 AM

    Ole buruku, I didn’t she is this cheap

  2. amy

    February 11, 2015 at 5:30 AM

    All this nollywood are all nuisance,are they blind or what.
    once they collect money, they will immediately forget the
    situation in the country.
    Most of them has no dignity to what they stand for, they all want
    the money

  3. mckings

    February 11, 2015 at 6:04 AM

    @Amy nd @Peacequeen am disappointed. For how long will You westerners nd Northerners Rule us, even if GEJ is there doing nothing, am very ok with it. All our people killed by boko haram, did u nd ur Buhari provide dem for us @peacequeen? And u Amy I know u are Igbo, shame unto u. Use ur head now coz if dis seat goes to d North, I wonder wen it will eva come down to us again. @Ufuoma dnt mind dem, in their lives they hv neva been with a LG chairman talk more of a president. U re famous. GEJ for life !!!

  4. Saphire

    February 11, 2015 at 7:08 AM

    When will pple start respecting others decision for Jehova God sake….jonathan is her chioce jst as godson okoye take be my choice…make ur own choice..why the beef and the hate…i dnt collect a dime from godson okoye but am campaigning for him..even when he is….pls stop the beef and make the change u so desired…prove ur point with ur vote…for those crying or accusing other for choping from national cake..if u knw sey e dey easy to chop from the cake..go and chop…who no wan chop from national cake?? Abeg show me the route to aso rock..let me pertake from the blood diamond…anyway na way joor…ka chineke mezie okwu


    February 11, 2015 at 9:21 AM

    Is anyone surprised about the South Eastern so called celebrities support for Jonathan, that’s what their great grand parents did and failed in the past and its what their children have inherited and continue to do; always in oppositions to popular opinions in all matters of very important national issues. Rather unfortunate, their new generations have taken over what their forebearers did, which even took them to fight a civil war for more than three years to get them to come to their senses that they cannot always be lone standers on all national issues. It does not help their course politically and their hypocracy will always rate them as second fiddle on Nigerian socio political equations. They already have a problem of inferiority complex to deal with in the context of Nigerian inter ethic relations. Tendencies for criminality that make them highly suspecious in any society they find themselves is an issue they should address first and stop the pretence that everything is OK. Nigerians know who they are and that perceptions may never change anytime soon. LONG LIVE NIGERIA

    • Stanley

      February 11, 2015 at 9:33 PM

      Oyebadejo, people have the right to their opinions and to vote for who they like. I do not know if you know it is not all South Easterners that are in support of this president especially Imo State where the APC governor is way ahead in polls. I, myself am from Imo state and I do not like the way things are going in the country especially the level of corruption and insecurity. My candidate is actually Fashola if he had decided to run but because the northerners said “presidency must come back to the north” and people with lily liver gave Buhari the presidency. This is the guy that thumped his nose on the nation when he was invited to Oputa reconciliation during Obasanjo’s presidency, but the president himself honored the invitation. It is the same guy that said if he loses the 2011 election he will make Jonathan’s administration ungovernable and is what is happening today. So please address the issue at hand and stop spewing your hatred whenever a person from South East says something. Ufuoma Ejonobor is from Delta Ibo. I am happy there are millions of Yorubas who don’t share your biased opinion about South Easterners and many of them are my friends, and brothers and sisters in-laws.There are criminals in every society both in Nigeria and elsewhere around the globe. Tell me where else in Nigeria the citizens rose up and attacked and destroyed the properties of known criminals as OTOKOTO 7 in Owerri a few years back and even lynched them? People have been following your writings on this forum and it has been your hated for the Ibo tribe. I know what the tribe you never mentioned do in America with credit card and bank fraud. Do not say you do not know. If you have a beef with an Ibo person, it should be between you and that person and stop condemning all Ibos. This is my opinion. Like you said, LONG LIVE NIGERIA.


        February 12, 2015 at 8:27 AM

        Stanley, I honestly do not hate Igbos as you claim. I am simply making a statement of facts which is not a hidden story to all Nigerians that Igbos are the most notorious when it comes to criminality, the statistics are there to prove the inherent criminal tendencies of the people of South Eastern Nigeria. Your attempt at equalising Igbo criminal activities with other Nigerian tribes is what continues to encourage your fellow Easterners in their criminal ways. Nobody is saying other tribes don’t as well have criminal records of their own but, what justifies the overwhelming prevalence of Igbos in criminal activities, not only in Nigeria but across the entire West African sub region and beyond. Stanley, please rather don’t open the keg of worms of your people’s criminality by comparing other tribes. It is not a hidden fact that other Nigerian tribes deal much more cautiously and thread carefully with an Igbo person than any other tribe in Nigeria; even as a neighbour or co-tenant, an Igbo man is looked upon as a potential criminal until he proves otherwise and that’s the extent of mistrust other people feel towards Igbos.

  6. amy

    February 11, 2015 at 9:57 AM

    @mckings, you are too analogue in a digital time and naïve at the same time,i view you a very young kid as well. shame on you too for your basing your interest for GEJ just because of the zone he came from, Are you blind,deaf or what, don’t you read news going about in our country, how could you be so ignorant. you talk shows your person, what do you mean being with a LG chairman
    ARE YOU HIGH!!, that is the reason why matured minds don’t air there views on this post,cos a lot of kids get involved

  7. amy

    February 11, 2015 at 10:02 AM

    @mckings you are a little kid, how do I know? by the they talk you shall know them

  8. Bradson

    February 11, 2015 at 12:59 PM

    @Mckings you need to be in a (psychiatrist home) or (Insane Asylum) ask why i can give you reasons.


    February 11, 2015 at 2:35 PM

    @mc kings and saphire i love u guys if someone is unhappy with ur comments let him hug the nearest *****.

  10. Marcus Garvey

    February 11, 2015 at 3:06 PM

    People have the right to vote for any of the candidates, but I do not understand why so many people are supporting President Jonathan. From a distance, the gentleman behaves like the living dead. He has been sleeping, while hooligans are having a field day killing innocent citizens and destroying their property.

    If the President does not demonstrate leadership qualities within two weeks, the people and the security forces should give him an ultimatum:–find another job within ten days!

  11. fairjudge

    February 11, 2015 at 3:58 PM

    petty who ever got married to people with such sickening xter

  12. N-Jie

    February 12, 2015 at 7:56 AM

    My dear Ufuoma, dont u think u ve gone too far writing and insulting your fans because they insulted you? I stop commenting in any Nigerian issue, but I cannot stay without reading news from Nigeria because that is my country my people are there that is the place I want to be by the time am too old to live in cold place. When u are reading comments in any international webs, though some also insult people but in the most constructive way, at the end of the day, you will beable to gain many things from the comnetators, but Nigeria commentors will insult not only the subject, even insult other commentators to the extent that you will be confuse about the way people behave on net. To start with my dear, if not this issue I have not heared this name before in my life I am not trying to say Nollywood is not a big deal, but in my country Nollywood is not that big maybe because of the German language but as a Nigerian I know some of ther players like Pete Edochie, Kanayo O, Ramson Noah, JIm Ike, Merson Johnson, Jenn Naji, Omotola, something Buari, osofia, Ibru and few others am not a fan but just a concerned person. Now I believe you are a celebrity, as a celeb what do u exspect? even people talk about other people that are not popular not to talk of celebs, take the case of Jim Ike for example when he acted some kind of movie with T B Joshua, or when Kate Hensaw walked out on a guy that said his name was Heaven in Nigeria got talent or X-fator I dont know. their fans hitted them very hard with commentats that was when I knew about Kate Hensaw. I simply wrote her name on facebook search and send her personal message rather than this kind of comment you may not see. I checked you out on facebook by the time I saw this news, but there was no way I could send you message direct. But just do this for me and for some other people that love peace. Please write and apologise to your fans since you still got the second chance to tell them how you feel, there are times people dont get second chance to say sorry just forget your celeb status even it will makes you look more mature and Godly. You may not understand why but if you cannot do this now, by the time you are geting biger in your carrier and geting older in age you will remeber this messag and the messager. As far as I believe too well that you have good heart maybe their comments hitted you so hard to this extend of loosing grip of your persinalities remeber your fans like you, they dont hate you they are only surprise to see you with that Guy (president). If you have not been travelling outside of Nigeria, you will not know what your fans are seeing on western Tv, I but when you travel to western countries you will see developements in real life, then you will realised that african leaders are going back to old stone age. If there is any commentator that want to talk to me because of my comment, please let do it one on one direct talk on phone and skype, internet has better way of usage, such as connecting people, and learning from people, it must not be a place where We Nigerians play some hide and seek games. this is century 21 make good use of technologies. This is my line 004368864352650 check me out on facebook with the above email address Am your Everybody`s Austin Bell.

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