Nollywood Celebrities Storm Ini Edo’s Valentine’s Day Beach Party [PHOTOS]

ini edo beach party

Feb 16 ,2015 – Nigerian Actors Storm Ini Edo’s Valentine’s Day Beach Party [PICTURES]

On Saturday, Ini Edo invited her best friends in Nollywood for a fun day at the beach to celebrate Valentine’s day.

Celebrities who honoured Ini Edo’s invitation were Alex Ekubo, Charles Billion, Ebube Nwagbo, Rukky Sanda, Charles Billion and many others.

Check out the movie stars having a blast at the beach…

Ebube Nwagbo & Rukky Sanda, the hot legged ladies… *wink*

6 thoughts on “Nollywood Celebrities Storm Ini Edo’s Valentine’s Day Beach Party [PHOTOS]

  1. This z how d idiots cant save bt squander their money on useless ventures, highlife.. When dey are having headache dey find it difficult treating dmselves bt want AGN to 2b held responsible. Most of them don’t hav anything bt pride. Bombo clarks

    • Okoro JC, you are very right, these so called celebrities have nothing; yet, they want to live their lives and exhibit their limited wealth in the open and, when they have headache they call on the public to come to their aid. Large number of them live fake lifes, decieving themselves but sickness eventually exposes their self deciet when they struggle to raise money for their own treatment. Its a pitty indeed.

  2. I can see ebube and rukky going down together in ebube’s bed…and alex and charles doing the same….but what abt ini’s rumoured boy friend…abi she wan do only girls? Its normal pple

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