Nollywood Director Obi Emelonye Released From Lagos Police Detention

obi emelonye released

May 27, 2014 – Arrested Nollywood Movie Producer Obi Emelonye Released From Lagos Police Detention

Nollywood movie producer and director Obi Emelonye who became popular after producing ‘Last Flight To Abuja’ was arrested yesterday in Ikeja Lagos while using drone to take aerial shots of Ikeja.

He was arrested by Lagos state governor’s security detail.

As we speak, he has been released.

He took to Facebook few hours ago to say;

“We have just been released by Lagos state governor’s security detail after an ordeal that has embarrassed me more before my guests than it hurt me. We thank God and I am grateful for your kind support. God bless you all”

Obi Emelonye should have obtained permission before embarking on such risky filming considering the current state of unrest in Nigeria.

He must have learnt his lessons the hard way.

4 thoughts on “Nollywood Director Obi Emelonye Released From Lagos Police Detention

  1. I blame him for taking Nigeria for granted because he came from the uk.
    So u think u can anything u like in Nigeria good for u

  2. Good talk Josh, This guy leaves in UK, I presumed he should know better.He can’t do such a thing here. Is like you are taking your country for granted where anything goes. Am happy for your release but bro learn to do things in a civilize manner to avoid been crushed next time.If you can respect the country u leave (UK). Please extend same to Nigeria the country you came from.

  3. Nigeria does not like progress, why take such creative idea and innovation to a backward country, Obi should know better.

  4. Nawah for naija o,u don’t do such things without a permit from Metro police department that’s how is done,any way thank God is najia if its other nation at least 6 months in detention.

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