Nollywood Funny Man Sanyeri Buys New Car For Wife [PHOTO]

sanyeri buys car for wife

August 24, 2016 – Nollywood Funny Man Sanyeri Buys New Car For Wife [PHOTO]

Nollywood actor Sanyeri has finally resolved the conflicts he had with his beautiful wife of many years.

sanyeri buys car for wife

As we speak, Hawawu Omolara Afonja is now painting Ibadan red in a beautiful Honda car her hubby recently bought for her.

Sanyeri’s marriage almost crashed in 2014 after he allegedly impregnated one of his interns

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  1. It interest me how some people appreciates their wives while others beat up and molest theirs. Others torture theirs, others kills theirs. Above all is the fact that others really truely love theirs and it shows.

    @ Bench, what is your feelings for Mrs Eranko? What going to your special “Treats“ for her? Is been long I last hear from her. Whats up with her? Everybody here is important, including our muslim counterparts.

    Still strolling…

  2. Dear D Hunter, we just love ur comments, i usually translate them for my brothers cos we speak french in my country. Thanks alots… Keep on strolling! As for me,


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