How Nollywood Husband Snatcher Tonto Dikeh & “Omopupa” Addict Olakunle Churchill Celebrated Shame


tonto dikeh nollywood husband snatcher

June 29, 2017 – How Nollywood Husband Snatcher Tonto Dikeh & “Omopupa” Addict Olakunle Churchill Celebrated Shame

It was just like yesterday when Tonto Dikeh referred to her mystery man as Mr X.

After sometime, she revealed the identity of the wealthy man sponsoring her Charity mission on the social media as Olakunle Churchill, the founder of Big Church Foundation who abandoned his beautiful wife Bimbo Coker for Tonto Dikeh due to to his undying passion for light skinned girls aka Omopupas.

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After their marriage crashed on the ground of domestic abuse, the couple assailed us with offensive and odoriferous stench of their marital mess. And without restraint, cross boundaries of shame with alarming revelations by those who once professed love.

As Nigerians run for cover to catch their breaths from the salacious details regularly brought to public space, the couple reveal more damning expose before we recover from the previous scandal.

Bent on setting records as the most combative and shameless separation, it may be difficult for others to beat this benchmark of outrageous impropriety.

See how the estranged couple celebrated shame in the course of their marriage crash:

(1) Dowry Refund: When Tonto Dikeh alleged that she paid her dowry herself, Kunle Churchill contacted her father to demand for the refund of the bride price he paid on her.

(2) Insult To Parents: Olakunle initially accused Tonto Dikeh of pushing his mother down the stairs before the actress accused the mother of touching his son inappropriately.

At a point, Tonto Dikeh called Kunle a penniless fraudster who assaulted her and broke her rib in the process.  Tonto Dikeh was also called out for illicit drug abuse while breastfeeding before she fired back saying her husband gave her sexually transmitted diseases.

The shameless couple later took their fight to Ghana were police and domestic staff had to intervene when Tonto Dikeh wanted to stab her husband.

Olakunle’s PA, Nollywood actress Rosaline Meurer was latter dragged into the mess as Tonto Dikeh accused her of breaking her marriage by sleeping with her husband.

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Their nanny was later smuggled into the bitter exchanges as the poor woman was torn on whose side to stand.

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The refund of the bride price finally put an end to the unpalatable saga.