Video: Jamaican Pastor Walks Out Of Daughter’s Wedding Because Groom Had No Papers

jamaican pastor walks out of daughters wedding groom had not paper

June 29, 2017 – Video: Jamaican Pastor Refuses To Wed Couple Because Nigerian Groom Had No Immigration Papers In Canada

Pastor Walks Out Of Daughter’s Wedding Because Her Nigerian Groom Had No Permanent Residence In Canada

You won’t believe what happened during a church wedding ceremony in Canada recently.

In the video you are about to watch, the Pastor officiating the wedding ceremony of his daughter and her groom was about to join the couple in Holy Matrimony when he suddenly asked the bride if the groom (a young Nigerian man) is a legal immigrant in Canada, when the bride who happened to be the Pastor’s daughter could not give a favourable answer, he called off the wedding and walked out of the church as wedding guests watched in shock.

While walking away from the church, the pastor insisted that the marriage was arranged for the groom to get his paper in Canada.

Watch the video below: