Northern Nigeria Supports Split “We’re Ready For 2015 Breakup”

nigeria breakup 2015

December 15, 2013 – Northern Nigeria Supports Break Up “Let Nigeria’s Disintegration Begin”

Northern Nigeria Supports Split “We’re Ready For 2015 Breakup”

We the north of Nigeria are ready for a separation process which will either involve regionalism or total disintegration.

On the topic, Sagir Aliyu said: Yes, I’m in support of BREAK UP. Because most Nigerian minds are full of hatred, sentiments, ethnicity, religious differences and tribalism. Some are calling for revolution, but instead of loosing lives and property; let the romance end. Also if the 2015 election will result to loss of lives and property, the romance should end before then, Please!

Idris Musa also commented on the subject: Break up is long overdue. Why can some have freedom to perform their religious rites while some are deprived? I can’t remain at home on Fridays like Christians do Sundays, Marital dossiers is only emphasized for only one wife & four children. Economically, we are considered parasites because they refused to revamp agriculture. They refused to explore oil deposits in more than five places in my region. Let us break so that we have fresh air.

Musa Maiunguwa: I beg it’s long overdue! Let’s break up anyhow regardless of the consequences. I want to be governed by ISLAMIC LAW not this Infidel system of government. I hate to be governed by DRUNKARDS.

These comments were the prevalent type of response from Northerners on facebook to my earlier article on the subject, “Nigeria: Do We Need To Break This Up?”

A majority of northern masses are now making this call as situations keep deteriorating in the nation and undeserved ethnic insults and ethnic torment has become the order of the day from certain quarters in Nigeria.

Additionally, it appears that Nigeria as formatted and the perceived disenfranchisement of certain aspects of the South, justify and subject us and Nigeria as a whole to a most terrible regime that is unable to secure life in the north and yield for us the social, economic and developmental dividends of democracy; as poverty reigns at its highest level in the north which is unfairly economically disadvantaged.

Today, Nigeria has 100 million poor, however there is an uneven distribution of the poverty with the South doing more favorably, whereas the north suffers the most with its level of poor as high as 80% living under a dollar a day in many states, this compares to the south that has levels from 20-50%. This level of poverty in the north exceeds the level in neighboring Mali, Chad and Niger, all sharing the northern ecological and cultural demographics.

Trading blame as to who and what military and civilian dictatorial and usurpist regime caused this high level of poverty is puerile, meaningless and disingenuous; and it contributes nothing towards addressing the real and present epic crisis. Also, asserting that because northern dictators have ruled the nation for 60% of its independent life over 40% Southern rule is meaningless and does not solve the deadly poverty situation.

The ordinary masses are suffering. We gain absolutely nothing from Nigeria’s oil, apart from what we buy of it at the pumps at a price above the global mean, and rather we suffer from oppression and terror as a consequence of, and thanks to bloody oil money. Only the cabal enjoy from the current state of Nigeria. Let it be known that the voices of many so-called northern leaders, which are obviously the loudest, do not represent the sentiments of us suffering masses, wrecked with poverty and lack of opportunity. These ‘northern elders’ are part of a national cabal that exploits and extorts the nation. These cabal obviously have no honest interest in our region as can clearly be seen by their lack of investment in the north, building all their factories in the South. We the real people of the north are eager for autonomy of our region. This is our position.

The landlocked north is clearly disadvantaged. None of the regimes provided the transportation networks to link the north to Nigeria’s ports as would have been the basic and smallest requirement to re-establish a northern economy.
Our agriculture industry has been left to decay. Our textile industry has been completely abandoned, as we suffer from the ‘curse’ of oil and the illusion of Nigeria’s wealth from a mono-economy, which has satisfied and favored only a set of greedy cabal without regional distinction, north, east, west or south.

We see regionalism with the plan of possible disintegration as an urgent next best step towards a northern cultural and economic awakening.
Many of us across Nigeria now agree that military dictator; Aguiyi Ironsi made an error on 24 May 1966, when he released Decree No. 34 which dissolved the regions. Excerpt: “The provisions of the Decree are intended to remove the last vestiges of the intense regionalism of the recent past, and to produce that cohesion in the governmental structure which is so necessary in achieving, and maintaining the paramount objective of the National Military government, and indeed of every true Nigerian, namely, national unity.

The highlights of this Decree are as follows: The former regions are abolished, and Nigeria grouped into a number of territorial areas called provinces. . . . Nigeria ceases to be what has been described as a federation. It now becomes simply the Republic of Nigeria.”
We hope Nigerians in South territories share our sentiments and will be happy to peacefully and respectfully discuss modalities of separation into economically independent regions which will test and pave a path for emotional, marital, economical, military and other national related changes and challenges necessary for possible separation in the future.

About the author: Dr. Peregrino Brimah [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: Twitter: @EveryNigerian

18 thoughts on “Northern Nigeria Supports Split “We’re Ready For 2015 Breakup”

  1. Please I support this proposed split 100%
    Let split north-south. We need to do away with these useless jihadists.
    Perhaps all the muslim in the South can follow them

  2. Why waste time let the split begin please
    Let Nigeria dintegrate into 3.
    Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa should go back to their land

  3. Poverty in the north! Why won’t there be when u have overpopulation plaguing it! A person who is not livelihood cannot carter for more than three persons plus him will get married to more than three wives and itter the whole environment with children he can take care of! The whole place is overpopulated with people who will later become nusance to society,and all these if yu ask you are told its God who gives children!yu must have a rethink! Trace what is increasing poverty! There is less resources for more than more to take care of.

  4. Now the North is ready for split how funny is that, why didn’t you people call for split when ur people were the president of Nigeria all these time? you can’t fool us rather you are fooling your self,I personally don’t believe in dividing Nigeria because so many northern Nigerians who never benefit from the so called national cake but have to suffer the way other Nigerians have suffer over the years, our problems is not the northern but rather the old military and the civilian political criminals which have hold us back from achieving our dreams, they make Nigeria their personal property, but one day for thieves another day for the owners

  5. Y ar u al foolish? is splithng d next 4 nigeria we need to join hands 2geda to make nigeria a great country wat pains me alot is those igbo dey ar so foolish nd selfish day want nigeria to belong to dem only is goodluck doing any good tin to nigeria? The answer is no al is want is just his selfish interest he want everytin to eblong to him and his minority state and those foolish ijaw people and stil withstanding day ar still supporting him during his tenure corruption is increasing everyday and d education sector has turn upside down even d health of this country is about to fall dia is no security in dis country my fellow people exactly wat has dis people done 4 us in dis country. Dat my main question 4 everybody 2day.

  6. this is totally nonsense, who is dis common person dat call him self Sagir, is he an important person in 9ja, wetin him b in d government? naijagist pls stop gettin news frm common people like dis

  7. Your name alone have said it all Lil luquest. Which person in is right frame of mind will bear such stupid name. Listen, d northerners have been ruling dis country for how many years what have they done for the country? or what have they done for north that you all cpaiming is GEJ’s fault that things are the way they are in d north or Nigeria in general.You are been tribalist by calling Igbos and Ijaws, and that is the problem we talking about and you are just am example of the Nigeria problem. Am not Igbo neither am Ijaw but I am a Nigerian and I favor anyone that comes from whatever tribe as long as he genuinely work and have the interest of all Nigerians at heart. Do you know we are the most populated black nation in the world and we very rich culturally? We need to start seeing the power of our unity than division. The only solution to Nigeria problem is national conference for dialogue, reconciliation and new constitution that we do away with regional or tribal politics and constitution based on human right, dignity and non sexist state. Where every person will have equal right and freedom of religion.

    GOD bless Nigeria

  8. We must learn to wake up to reality rather than continuous pretends as if there is nothing. you can only take a horse to the stream but you cannot force it to drink water. Who are the mouthpiece of Northerners? is the wealthy northerners who lift 85% of our oil blocks and refuse to develop their region? but train their children abroad? and marries the under 12 in the name of religion? or is the poor ones who linger in the security post of the rich ones with tiny radio in their hands listening to hausa news and hoping for a change? please let me know? l believe we all need a place to think? l cant wait to see Nigeria split if that will end Boko Haram and we start obtaining visa to visit each other, then we will know the usefulness of each other and will maybe appreciate each other more.

  9. Am very happy if Nigeria break up without blood,cos those northerner like blood so much than animal,i dont know where they come from, why someone will like to kill others simply because he is not your tribes or religion.Nigeria should break into 4 or 5 parts then peace will come for ever.the christian in north east to middel belt should form thier own country,while rest far north have their shaira boko harm country make up pure muslim only,cos they dont want secular law they want thire gals stay at home cover up all over body ,is good for them and ok with me,once am not part of them.
    we from s.west plus edo state and shikiri people from delta cos history we are yoruba that move thire to settle, we join our brother in s.west, yoruba from kwara and kogi join to form 1 country makeing 3 part,then s.east and s.south join hands together i form 1 country total 4 parts into old nigeria.we s.west in every family we have muslims, christians and traditional belive, we dont have problem with that,we celebrate together till fews that mixed up with the northern nigeria start to have small madness from them,then everybody close thire border, you get visa b4 cross over,we get now name, new law, death to corupption, kidnapping, ritualist, robbers, religion fight and 419,i want that law in s.west country.we want to clean all bad things that got to do with old nigeria out of new country, where people can go to church, mosque ,traditional sharin without be kill secular,but no homesexauality marriage e.t.c is not balck or africa.everybody relocates down to their country only the people that marry our people intermarraige can stay cos they are mixed up, maybe children e.t.c, but those pure without nothing with us should kindly start moving, all yoruba,edo , yoruba from delta,kogi and kwara kindly start packing your things home.i will be more than happy if we break up from boko harms people and ibos ,that will be my second date to celebrate birthday.

    • In Surah 47:4 Muslims Were commanded by Allah to smite the neck of anyone who did not accept the teachings of Islam.My question goes like this,Are you sure that it is GOD Almighty who saying this or someone else somewhere.

  10. pls i am an igbo boy ok now lets split these past northern leaders has sucked the country dry and they ddnt develop the country and nw their ppl is suffering and a lot of islamic insurgents (boko haram) disturbing the country and their elites pretend to know nufin abt it pls lets split i am in support of that. dis sily lil luquest stfu we aint supportig good luck he’s just a mess and a dissapointment to the whole world and God so lets split

  11. Mr Lil Luquest,

    What has igbo to do with this?some of you are so wicked that any slitest thing you call igbo, the igbo whom you killied in millions,the igbo whom you deprived all they have, do you see any igbo as president, is joenathan an igbo man?pleae allow the sleeping lion to lie, if you wake him i dont think the whole nation will withstand it, please lets join hand a build one great Nigeria, look at china, china was nothing when nigeria was leading country among the world,but today china has gone to the moon while Nigeria still remain at the bottom list of the poor country,

    In 1972, our rich economy was used by Gen Gowon to celebrate Festival of arts and culture which we gain nothing from it, i think he was thanking his suppoters for helping him sub due Bifrans, the result is this poverty and crime, please my good friends from north, endure it because you suposed to be the richest reigion by now because all the money was looted and kept in your reigion, or you never knew where it was kept, waite in my next comment i will tell you.

  12. for now nigeria will not split, since d hausa’s were rulling did they call for split or breack up? Now that they has lost d power they are now calling for breack up. Let dem wait, they have not seen any tin yet, jonathan an ijaw man is leading and they are complaining. Let dem wait after jonathan finish his next tenure in 2019 he will now fully hand the power over to an igbo man (maybe rochas or ngige) then they will fully see d beggining of their shout, and pain, for now no split or braeck up till d igbo’s finish leading, useless people like dem, if boko is not enough for dem let dem form a bigger one, but i believe they will end up killing them selves and damaging their own land

  13. In as much as its what’s best and looming for the country, this isn’t gonna be as easy as it seems. But truth be told, The north practices a system that increases their yearly population by 3 or 4 times that of the south. That sure would’ve had a long term effect on livelyhood as we now see. To see nigeria split in peace will be a wonder to the world but as a nigerian, i must say the level of hatred is too high to expect that. Mean while, for there to be any economic impact upon break up, i think the north should review their marriage system. Countries like china and the usa have varying traditions but even such countries will agree to a limited amount of births per family.

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