Obanikoro Says EFCC Can’t Force US To Deport Him To Nigeria, Spits Fire Over House Invasion

obanikoro efcc house invasion

June 15, 2016 – Obanikoro Says EFCC Can’t Force US To Deport Him To Nigeria, Spits Fire Over House Invasion

The former Minister who for fled Nigeria shortly after Jonathan lost to Buhari is still spitting fire over the invasion of his house by the EFCC.

This is what Obanikoro said on Twitter today:

Hope Obanikoro will be bold enough to return to Nigeria to fight for his right like Fani Kayode and others.

Why hasn’t he returned to Nigeria since last year if he truly has nothing to hide?? #buhariphobia thingz

11 thoughts on “Obanikoro Says EFCC Can’t Force US To Deport Him To Nigeria, Spits Fire Over House Invasion

  1. When a man uses fire to fight fire, what do we expect? More fire! Buhari is fighting corruption with the very same degree of corruption. Disregard to juducial bureaucracies, what shall we call it? The EFCC had before now turned FFK’s house inside-out without a search warrant, and now they extend same to Obanikoro. It looks to me that this illegal modus operandi is fully endorsed by Buhari. We are waiting to see how it all pans out.

    But Obanikoro, don’t think I speak in your favour. Haha! If you have secretly swallowed the eba that is not yours, you shall openly vomit it.

  2. Abeg see Obanikoro a popular thief talking o. dont worry very soon you will land in maximum prison in Nigeria.

  3. This Fool called Obanikoro should return home to Naija if he has balls. It’s just a matter of time and the US government will throw him out.

  4. This guy is just running his mouth. You think it is business as usual just as you did under Jonathan administration hiding under the false rule of law. You may not have right to exhaust your legal right because the present administration will never allow you to use rule of law tactics to delay justice. Why can’t you come back to Nigeria to protect your assets. If you are innocent as you have claimed you will be free. Reciting poem from your American base will not help you. Obanikoro, you are very funny, with all the evidences against you, you were claiming that you have unblemished record and clear conscience. Do you really have conscience if I may ask you? Do you think people have forgotten about your role in Ekiti Gate scandal when your conversation was secretly recorded by Major Sagir? Some of the Generals involved in this dirty act have since been relieved of their positions through Military Court Marshal. Confession from those Army General is enough to nail you down. Besides, you are the one that was helping your party to move money around. You are also talking about good governance. After emptying national treasury how do you think good governance can be achievable?.

  5. Yes my pple now we are talking,no more scared cows or tagging their prosecutors witch hunting,if u steal face the music,and I can bet you that if we keep letting them know that it’s no longer business as usual,things will change.just imagine how dry they have milked this country, what is he overseas let him come home and defend himself.BlOODY THIEF

  6. Musiliu Obanikoro,
    You are a coward!!!
    Come back home and face the consequences of all the atrocities you have committed… Omo ale jati-jati oshi.

  7. The present administration is very unjust in their fight against corruption, hence Amaechi is freely moving about his duty without being questioned by EFCC i seen injustices, witch-hunting…

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