Oche Clifford: I’m Single & Looking For Muscular Nigerian Men To Date

oche clifford single nigerian men

May 15, 2016 – Shocker: Nigerian Man Oche Clifford Single, Wishes To Date Fellow Nigerian Men 

Oche Clifford: I’m Single & Looking For Muscular Nigerian Men To Date

Benue born Oche Clifford in a recent video chat has revealed his intention to date his own people.

Oche Clifford now Sahhara Henson even laid down the criteria that would make a Nigerian man qualify to date him.

“He must have muscle, be tall, must not smoke or take drug, must be open minded” – he said.

Oche Clifford says he is hoping to visit Nigeria soon.

So London is experiencing shortage of men abi…. Muscular Naija men where una dey?

17 thoughts on “Oche Clifford: I’m Single & Looking For Muscular Nigerian Men To Date

  1. real naija man like me can’t date or move closers to aids carrier like you
    sorry I got muscle for real girls not for a man mtchewwwww Idoma f**l

  2. Some Oloshi men in Nigeria will accept this boy invitation. Even this guy Osi or whatever is name decided to pick-up a date in Nigeria and sell his Aids to some dumb chief’s who are only interesting in f***ing anus. He wants to make his own money out of those useless dishonorable people who never know what to do with their stolen wealth than to look for young men for anal sex. However he is also a recipe for money ritual. let him rolls his dice.

  3. You r muscular too so where do u expect to get afellow mascular man? may be try national parks where animals are kept!

  4. I see dis girlman as a toy play..
    Imagine her even making a choice on nigeria man of her choice..
    Hmmm wot a ranch!

  5. as soon as he enters Nig. he will be caught because he is not coming with good intentions. 14 years imprisonment awaits you.

  6. Good comment everyone! Always stand for truth like you did today. Clifford oche na jealous old gay man close to 40. I knew him in BSU. He is always jealous of girls and looks nothing like his makeup shit head face. He is a marine member and reps the devil. No amount of surgeries will mock God’s real design, so make e dey suck shit like straw enter hell, the size of im prick fit devil rectum. Fucking gay obanje. Winch!

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