Ghanaian Boxer Bukom Banku Bleached His Skin White, Blasts Critics..See Before & After Photos

bukom banku before after photos

May 15, 2016 – Ghanaian Boxer Braimah Isaac KamokoBukom Banku Bleached His Skin White, Blasts Critics..See Before & After Pictures

A very popular boxer in Ghana, Braimah Isaac Kamoko aka Bukom Banku has suddenly turned white.

The 36-year-old boxing champion who seems unperturbed by what his critics are saying just shared more photos on his official Facebook page to keep the viral trend going.

Check out latest photos of the boxer and what fans are saying below

ghanaian boxer bleaching skin

14 thoughts on “Ghanaian Boxer Bukom Banku Bleached His Skin White, Blasts Critics..See Before & After Photos

  1. Maybe the dark skin color did not show his tattoos to advantage so he had to “do something” to ensure he extracts his money’s worth from the tattoo experience. Na wo o! I really thought only women bleach their skin.

  2. Inferiority complex is peeping its head out of him. Guys that bleach disgust me even the more: they seem to me like gays.

  3. See how a handsome man just turned himself to ugly morche-che and so irritating. Roasted plantain. What are you gaining from this rubbish?

  4. It just be like say they was pour him oil wey they was use to fry akara for leg. One man is a haver of many colors. See black see yellow see pink see green. Are you rainbow? Oche Clifford is look for hosband o.

  5. U can’t even use good cream to bleach now see how you look am very sure u will be smelling,u look good when you are black but now u look soo ugly n irritating.VERY BAD

  6. Dont worry guys, by the time he receive a hard blow on his face and at the end of the day the doctor could not stitch it that is when he will know that he has just made the bigest mistake of his life and it will be too late to cry when the head is gone at that time.I am black with advantage.

  7. you look like pepsi fanta drinks and who on earth told u r handsome when u have bleached like dat? stupid fool.

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