Odunlade Adekola Debunks Bad English Rumour

July 8, 2012 – Odunlade Adekola Debunks Bad English Rumour

It has once been rumored that if you want the best out of famed Nollywood actor Odunlade Adekola, make sure you did not speak English to him.

The versatile actor was reported to have lost many mouthwatering business deals because of his inability to express himself in good English terms.

A joke even went round that when the actor was contacted by GLO for endorsement; they had speak to him in his local dialect. But like Funke Akindele’s popular slang, all the actor has for his haters is “Worefa”.

According Punch, the winner of the Yoruba Movie Academy Awards, said he is not eager to accept a role in any Nollywood movie shot in English because: “I don’t believe in trying too hard to speak the language that cannot bring out the best in me as a core and proud Yoruba man,” he said.

But as point of correction, the actor told his critics that: “Contrary to what you think, I have appeared in two English language movies that have not been released. Soon, I will proceed (sic) on a location for yet another English language film.”

The actor also talked about popular foreign actors who are popular for exhibiting their talents in their local dialects: “Do the Amita Bachans and the Kapoors of India and the Yang Yin or Chang Chong from China try too hard to speak English? Why should my own case or those of us proudly projecting our indigenous language be different? “

In conclusion, the actor said: “They are complaining that I love to act in Yoruba films a lot, but what the complainants don’t realize is, I’m creating job opportunities for graduates of English language to subtitle my films in English.”