How Odunlade Adekola Spent Lavishly For Eniola Ajao Surprise 30th Birthday

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January 29, 2018 – How Odunlade Adekola Spent Lavishly For Eniola Ajao’s Surprise 30th Birthday – Insiders

Nollywood’s wealthiest actor, Odunlade Adekola protege, beautiful actress Eniola Ajao clocked 30 last week.

According to insiders, her mentor got her a surprise birthday party in the most adorable way.

On how Odunlade made the surprise party successful, insiders revealed that he contracted her best friend, Taiwo Bankole to lure her to the undisclosed restaurant where she was pleasantly surprised on seeing fellow Odunlade Adekola film academy graduates.

A source who was at the party said it was written all over Mr Odunlade Adekola that he truly adores Eniola Ajao.

The source concluded that since Odunlade Adekola has never staged such party for any other OAFP members, then it seems she is truly Oga’s wife as people jokingly call her.

See official photos from the lavish birthday party below.

13 thoughts on “How Odunlade Adekola Spent Lavishly For Eniola Ajao Surprise 30th Birthday

  1. Hbd Eniola. If what’s above is nothing but the truth, my dear pls never you be the reason for another woman to shed tears. You have all it takes to get a single and responsible guy. All the best dear.

  2. It is good to emphasise with others. If what is written above is true, ask yourself this question : Can I take this if it were me someone did this to? I believe God will assign the right man you will marry to you if only you can trust Him and allow him to do so. All the same, happy birthday.

  3. Marriage is God’s idea. Therefore, Eniola you should know that God has someone better for you than Odunlade Adekola.Quit now if it is true and never you attempt to do so if it is not yet so.

  4. Happy birthday to you Eniola long life more years ahead in Jesus name amen please in the name of God if its true never you take some one joy because odunlade belong to someone else God will give you your one husband if you believe him as the bible says one man one husband odun has already has his one wife quit now God bless you.

  5. Happy birthday to you beatiful sister. please, i want u to know that, nobody above judgement God knows, life is full of critizising what is not there business, for me, i am working to achieve my goals am not judging other people life, know yourself,keep looking good. some talkative doesnt have work to do.

  6. Happy Birthday Stunning Eniola. I wish you many more to come in the Name of the Lord. More luv & special thoughts than you could ever Know. All the best.

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