Odunlade’s Brother Impregnates Born Again Fiancee Before Wedding..Wife Delivers Baby 7 Months After

odunlade adekola impregnates wife before wedding

May 20, 2017 – Odunlade Adekola’s Younger Brother Jetho Oyekanmi Adekola Impregnates Born Again Wife Before Wedding, Couple Welcomes Baby Boy 7 Months After Wedding

Jethro Oyekanmi Adekola In Premarital Sex Scandal As Fiancee, Sister Blessing Adebori Gets Belle Before Marriage

The younger brother of Odunlade Odunlade, born again MC, Oyekanmi Jetho Adekola’s pre-marital sexual affair has been exposed even after preaching against it on the social media.

The Abeokuta based actor and MC reportedly impregnated his born again fiancee, Blessing Adebori two months before their wedding which held on October 1st 2016.

The couple welcomed their first child (a full term baby) in Abeokuta on the 12th of May 2017 exactly seven months after their wedding.

Though Papa came under fire for ‘nacking’ mama before wedding, the baby and his mother are said to be in good health.

When brother impregnates sister before wedding… Hmmm na serious ‘sin’ be that o but eeh bodi no be firewood.

Brother Jethro go soon face a panel of SU judges on why sister Blessing got belle before marriage. **wink**

Congrats to the couple.

13 thoughts on “Odunlade’s Brother Impregnates Born Again Fiancee Before Wedding..Wife Delivers Baby 7 Months After

  1. The SU girls are good in bed. I guess she seduced him.
    Such should not be heard from them even if sinners like us can wait till after marriage before making babies

    • Amaka, how did u know that the SU girls are gud in bed oooo. Are u one and are u gud in bed as well?

  2. Sharp shooter.The guy no wan pray fire,fire prayers or go from one mountain to another for prayers for pregnancy after wedding.Congratulations.

  3. All this born twice sisters ehhhhh! # they sabi nak akpako#
    if they catch you for bed hmmmm
    sorry na your second name.
    congrats to them shaa

  4. No evidence to show that the couple had pre-marital sex. They got married on 1st October 2016 and the baby arrived on 12th May 2016. Some women are usually lucky to conceive same month of marriage, so in their case, see it that way. She conceived in October and delivered of a baby more than 8months after. Such miscalculations and misconceptions hold by people should be corrected as a baby can arrive +/- 4weeks of EDD. Congrats to the family. At least, God answered their prayers without stress of fasting and going to the mountains to pray before conception happened.

  5. Marriage is the consent of parents not the Churches. church is to come and celebrate with us.ur traditional fist.

  6. Congrats. Live all those gossiper, as far as he has marry you. But is not good.

  7. Smiles, Oye Oye, but the guy really tried, if not because of the SU barn she would have get a baby ever before now…….
    Mr monitoring spirit.
    may the lord bless your union.

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