Federal Mortgage Bank Of Nigeria FMBN Temporary & Contract Staff Demand Employment Confirmation

fmbn contract temporary staff

May 20, 2017 – Federal Mortgage Bank Of Nigeria FMBN Temporary & Contract Staff Seek Job Security , Demand Confirmation Of Employment Letter

Dear sir / madam,
Save Our Souls

Temporary staffs of federal mortgage bank of Nigeria who have been working in the bank for more than 6 years & above.

I joined federal mortgage bank of Nigeria (fmbn) 7 years ago as a contract / temporary staff (whereas there are some in other states of the federation that have joined more than 8 to 12 years ago).
unfortunately none of the above temporary staffs including myself have been confirmed since (to date, 2017).

In 2013/2014 there was an audit of the bank branch where I am presently, by external auditors from central bank of Nigeria (cbn) who noticed the anomalies in the regularization of the temporary staffs that have been on this basis for the past 3 to 8 years (also in other states) then, which we believe is against what labour law stipulated

  • No appointment must be on temporary basis for more than 2 years and above” (not to talk of a federal establishment like federal mortgage bank of Nigeria).

In 2014, there was another (2nd) routine audit carried out by the another set of external auditors also from central bank of Nigeria who again notice the anomalice and abnormality in the regularization and confirmation of the temporary staffs since their (cbn auditors) 1st routine audit.

A letter was then written to fmbn head office in abuja, in respect of this temporary staffs issues.

So in 2015, they (fmbn, head office) wrote a new letter to all temporary staffs nationwide, stating that they are just being employed as a temporary staff for a year, (ignoring the number of years earlier spent) which happens immediately after central bank of Nigeria audit report, which made them (fmbn) laid embargo on taking-in new temporary staffs, this make us think it will usher the way for our regularization.

There was a time when we believe that our confirmation would come, which was when the ex-managing director in person of Mr. Yau kumo who confirmed the appointment of some temporary staffs in the north who has not even work for 3 years claiming staffs in those states are not going to the office regularly because of terrorism going on in that part of Nigeria.

Surprisingly, early 2016, new influx of temporary staffs were been taken, thereby increasing our fear, because they were being brought in by top people in the organisation (eds, gms, and other top cadres in the organisation).

Late 2016, issues of regularization were raised but because of the new temporary staffs which the top people brought, they do not want them to be given lower cadre which is the available position at present, but we that are long overdue even prefer it. (just for us to enjoy permanent appointments benefits).

Sir / madam,

Kindly save our souls we are no more getting younger, some of our colleagues who are working in other establishment are more far ahead of us. despite our in depth knowledge of the job in the bank even more that some of their permanent staffs.

Also late in that 2016, instead of confirming and giving us our letter of permanent employment / appointment they are using the excess money realised unnecessary on 3 to 4 training and loans, even for staffs that did not need them at all.

Did we offend them? and why are they treating us like this? are we not human beings? and we are the ones doing the bulk part of the work in the bank.

In January 2017,  the excess realised last year which has not been exhausted are still been used for unnecessary early training (despite budget not been passed by the national assembly) for staff, which has not been like this before.

You can get the facts and figures yourself through thorough investigations and fact findings.
We even learnt that there was a time when the former MD Richard Esin went to the minister of works, power & housing Barrister Babatunde Fashola, complaining that temporary staffs are too many, that they should be laid off (why?)

For example some of the bank’s internal audits carried out, has stated our day of employment in their reports, and likewise on monthly returns of temporary staffs in each state office being sent to the head office on regular basis. It can also be seen on our individual i.d. cards.

2008, happens to be the year regularization was done last. in 2010 there was new recruitment, in which we are not been considered for regularization at all.

We are relying on your able office to solve our issues, may the almighty God continue to bless you.

I twitted the people listed below on their twitter handle about the issue in March 2017 but i did not hear anything about it.
– prof.yemi osinbajo (vice president of federal republic of nigeria)
– barr. babatunde fasola (minister of power, works and housing)
– dr. bukola saraki (senate president)
– rt. hon. yakubu dogara (speaker house of representative)
– barr. femi gbajabiamila (house leader house of reps.)
– senator ben murray bruce (common sense advocator)
– senator oluremi tinubu

Please can somebody come to our rescue.

[SOS letter written By Sir K on behalf of all temporary staff of FMBN]

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