Official Photos: Funke Akindele’s ‘Jenifa In London’ Movie Premiere In London & Manchester

funke akindele jenifa in london premiere

Nov 8, 2016 – Official Pictures: Funke Akindele Jenifa In London Movie Premiere In London & Manchester 

The Nollywood actress who is currently relaxing with her hubby in the UK shuts down the entertainment districts of London and Manchester over the weekend.

Here are the officials photos from the event.

12 thoughts on “Official Photos: Funke Akindele’s ‘Jenifa In London’ Movie Premiere In London & Manchester

  1. She’s too overrated for doing too little/nothing compare to other hard working actors/celebrities. Shame on her and her ignorant followers.

    • you think funke is overrated, bro you are just not her fan. I think she one of the best nigerian actress at the moment

    • You must be very resentful of her. There is the spirit of Jealousy in your life and you need to deal with it. Be happy for your fellow human being so that you too can be lifted up and celebrated someday.
      Think before you write next time.

    • wot d heck , y the beef and bitterness in you?

      Be appreciative cos even d blind knows she is doing a great job in the entertainment industry.

      let go of the bitterness in you so that you can see clearly.

    • wot d heck, why the beef and bitterness in you?

      Everyone loves Funke because of the great work she is doing as she is an outstanding actor. Please stop the hate, it’S NOT HELPFUL for u.

  2. @Commenthin na jealous dey worry u insteading of appreciating her. Do u tink is easy to write comedy script or do something dat wil make ppl laugh.

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