Oge Okoye Building A New House In Lekki Lagos (Photos)

oge okoye mansion house lekki

July 18, 2013 – Oge Okoye Building A New Mansion House In Lekki Lagos (Pictures)

Nollywood actress Oge Okoye is set to join the list of celebrities who own their own home in Lagos‘ most affluent neighbourhood.

As we speak the mother of two is about to complete a multi-million naira mansion in Lekki area of Lagos.

oge okoye house lekki lagos

The actress shared this good news via her instagram profile today with the caption “hard work pays”

Whaoooo this is exciting… Most Nollywood big babes now live in Lekki.

According to sources, this mansion tagged princess mansion will cost nothing less than 80 million naira to complete.

To get a land in Lekki, you need to have nothing less than 100K.

While others are busy buying expensive champaigne and jewelry, the blackberry babe is busy building her own house. Hard work surely pays!

A big congrats to her.

29 thoughts on “Oge Okoye Building A New House In Lekki Lagos (Photos)

  1. Oge you are real, you know what it takes to be citizen. A house is valuable than beers or jewelries. Next time build an orphanage for poor children living in abject poverty, including those orphaned by HIV/AIDS. You deserve my full backing when it comes to issues of helping the needy.

  2. nne u re trying joor at list a bird at hand is beta than hundred bird in d bush, gi luo ta gi rie echi dat is life wel done

  3. U try abeg, but pls blackberry bab i need contract 4 d curtains in dat ur mansion pls.08038118095. I will give u d best.

  4. congrate dear two finger on the air for u. Its not easy, may god guide u, let us too the less previlage have how own mansion too. Keep it up. Thats l prayed amen.

  5. That’s the problem with Nigerians no one is asking how the money was made,how much is she earning in the movie industry to build a multi million Naira mansion ?

  6. I love you dear, so much. Just wana be your boy, work for you. Ivn if is gate man in this mansion is OK by me dear.

  7. This is my number 08035505799, in case am oportun for an interview. Am a native of Enugu state, NWA afor igbo

  8. congrats to Oge if actually she owns and is building this house in lekki and on the other hand how is it true that oge is actually the person building this house in lekki a lot of them flaunt all on social media only to find out they are not the owners some of them share a flat together or even swatting/lodgers..

    There was an actress a popular actress from the south south who flaunted this fantastic house with interiors on Facebook and social media, not long after that the house burnt down to a cinder only to find out she was only renting a flat it wasn’t hers she was a tenant with a landlord… its a shame why this false and fake life

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