Oge Okoye & Ebube Nwagbo Venture Into Beauty & Fashion Business

oge okoye ebube nwagbo business

Sept 16, 2013 – Oge Okoye & Ebube Nwagbo Venture Into Beauty & Fashion Business

Blackberry babe Oge Okoye and Posh babe Nollywood actress Ebube Nwagbo have ventured into beauty business full-time.

Months after Ebube Nwagbo launched her own line of hair product, Oge Okoye has started her own beauty company named Crystal Glams.

Hear what Oge Okoye said about her new business:

Crystal Glam brings to you that make-up tips and products you desire to know as we unleash our make-up products ranging from concealer, foundation, primer, lip sticks/lip pencils/lip pumice/lip seals & eye pencils to bring out the celebrity flawless look in you. Worry not spending extra on mat tidying powder as our brand contains it all. We are opening soon and our depots in Lagos and London. Buy your Crystal Glam product and get a free makeover from our celebrity make up artist and photographer(Vegold) “Perk Up Your Look.”

In a recent interview, Ebube Nwagbo, the CEO Posh Hair claims she is opening new shops in Liberia and Cameroon soon

“We are opening up a branch in Liberia and Cameroun with my friend and partner, Blossom, a Liberian based in Canada. We are trying to break into African countries so as to allow ladies of style and panache know how Posh accessories can enhance their beauty world,” said Ebube

Other Nollywood stars who have ventured into business include newly married actress Toyin Aimakhu, Stella Damasus, Iyabo Ojo, Jim Iyke and Chika Ike.

Toyin Aimakhu currently owns a fashion store in Lekki.

Stella Damasus and her new husband Daniel Ademinokan own a boutique named Code 55 in Abuja. Jim Iyke and Chika Ike also have their individual clothing stores in Abuja.

Iyabo Ojo on the other hand has opened a spa named Fespris World in Ikeja, Lagos.

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