Oma Nnadi: My Husband Noni Enem & I Started Our Relationship As A Joke

oma nnadi husband

January 21, 2018 – Oma Nnadi: My Marriage To Noni Enem Started As A Joke, I Never Saw It Coming

Nollywood Actress, Oma Nnadi who married her Malaysia-based heartrob in her hometown in Imo state few days ago has revealed why she never believe her relationship with Noni Enem which started as a joke will up in marriage.

“I never saw this coming. It all started as a joke and here we are today married and happy. I’m so excited and thankful to God for making it happen,” the actress gushed.

Meanwhile, her detractors are now claiming that the man is 3 years younger than her.

Here is how her man proposed to her during a boat cruise in Paris last year June.

10 thoughts on “Oma Nnadi: My Husband Noni Enem & I Started Our Relationship As A Joke

  1. YEES!!! JUST Like Joyful Amaka & I started like a joke and may culminate in something unexpected. (smile).

    MAYBE, JUST Maybe, NaijaGisters are going to witness for the very first time:- NAIJAGISTS COUPLE come 2020 if Christ tarrys.

    MAYBE Its really My destiny to tie the knot with an Igbo girl from this forum cos, first it was Miss Red, then at a point, one devilish wind came and blew her away just like that and she stopped commenting and now, who do we have here?

    Its a girl with the most beautiful name on NG forum called Joyful Amaka.
    Though, I just hope she‘s not from Imo or Anambra state cos, the fear of their “LIST“ is the begining of wisdom, (Laughs…)

    MAY THE Will of God be done.
    Haters, go to Libya and be happy.

    I take a stroll…

    • I’m mixed Igbo and Kogi. Dad is Ebira, Mom Igbo. Thanks for asking
      Grew up in Germany now in Abia taking care of my mum.
      Not in any relationship just too scared of entering one.
      I’ve had too many heartbreaks.

    • hehehe so u ‘re toasting a girl in the forum without taking permission from me. Do u know am your secret admirer
      Don’t fall my hand.

    • sad Amaka or what is your name keep off my man.
      Who are you when I joined dis forum in 2016. I have been following Jb for so long. Be warned keep off my man

  2. J.B hunter and J.A, after 2021 or maybe sooner,you guys love story will be very interesting…no litmus is needed for the chemistry result..Good luck to you guys.

    On the topic,YOU GOT TO BELIEVE IN MAGIC….you can complete the lyric. Happy married life to YOU.

  3. Hahaha @ Junior Nwanme, don‘t get me confused here. The name “Junior“ suggest a man‘s name, and you saying you‘re my secret admirer?

    Not only that, that J. A, should leave your man alone? I don‘t get it, a man being my admirer? How do you mean? You think me a gay or what? Kindly clear the air or quit out of this place right now and start going to Libya. (smile)

    I take a stroll…

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