Omotola Jalade Blasts Corrupt Nigerian Government Officials “Shame On You”

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June 13, 2013 – Omotola Jalade Blasts Corrupt Nigerian Government Officials “Shame On You”

As we are all aware that Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade travelled to the United States of America few weeks ago where she spent close to a month.

The actress arrived Nigeria about 2 weeks and it seems the whole messy situation in the country is getting into her.

The actress took to her Twitter page @ realomosexy few hours ago to blast corrupt Nigerian Government officials who steal and dominate the masses without providing any reasonable solution to the economic and health problem facing the country.

Hear Omotola in her own words below;

Hmmm… I keep asking. What is the value of a Nigerian Life. What is the primary job of a Government?

Shame on Humans who pledge to serve fellow humans, get in2 power n ignore their duties, intimidate d citizens, becomn headboys of local schools
Are Nigerians entitled to health care benefits? what’s the way forward from maternal mortality for a start
Shame on those who worship money forget their silent heroes n suck up to corrupt leaders n sell their voice!
Shame on you who only talks too
I will do something, perhaps with OYEP, YOU TOO CAN SIGN PETITIONS

And finally shame on you who sees this message and your conscience hunts but are afraid to RT your voice has been bought. I’m out.

——————-END OF TWEETS—————————–

Hmmm who will deliver this nation from the hands of these selfish leaders?