How Omotola Jalade’s Last Child Dragged Her On Mother’s Day

omotola jalade last child

Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade has shared a funny moment she had with her last child on mother’s day.

Omotola story was very different even as mothers received gifts from their children on Mother’s day.

The actress said she got a call from her last son wishing her  a Happy Mother’s Day but as she was about to end the call, he sent her on an errand to the family room and on getting there, the mother of 4 was shocked to see a message that reads:

“Please do not touch the ps4 or turn it on. This message is from tje owner of this device. Also do not move it or remove any wire without  permission. Thank you , Michael Ekeinde.”

The actress stirred up laughter as she shared the story with her fans online.

“So, my last kiddo calls me to say happy mother’s day. Excitedly, I said thanks etc…you know the whole mushy stuff. Then he says please did you see my note in the family room? I said no, thinking how thoughtful! He left a surprise for today and I hardly go there. So, after ending the call, I dashed upstairs a mix of excitement to see this! I’m really tempted to call this child back.”

How he con dey drag his mama like this. Some children won’t try this with their parents.

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  1. His sorry ass even look mean in the pics. Not cheerful. They better start a prayer session on him before it’s too late. Shio. Omo Trump.

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