Open Letter To All Nigerians: “Hausa, Igbo & Yoruba, Let’s Unite As One”


open letter to nigerians

Nov 8, 2013 – Open Letter To All Nigerians: “Hausa, Igbo & Yoruba, Let’s Unite As One”

Dear fellow Nigerians, How are you all doing? I know all is not well but i believe things will change for good in the nearest future. I would like to use this medium to point out a certain fact to all of us. Did you know that When a Nigerian National team scores a goal……Nigerians of all ethnicity and religion will jump up in jubilation and be screaming one word, one language in one voice”GOOAALLL!!!”.

That moment, we forget our ethnic & tribalistic sentiments wether it was scored byan Hausa, an Igbo or a Yoruba man. We love the feelings, we cherish the moments, we adore the players and we sing with one voice…..”Up Super Eagles, Up Flying Eagles, Up Golden Eaglets and Up Green Eagles”.

When we talk about those games….we talk about “Nigeria” with one voice. We always wish Nigeria the best and support Nigeria with our great man power to go all out for the”Glory”, for the interest of “One Nigeria”.

Nigeria can work, Nigeria can be a better place, Nigeria can move forward if the Hausa man can support the Yoruba man in government, if the Yoruba man let go of every ethnic sentiments and support the administration of the Igbo government.

Look at the Golden Eaglets…the Hausa man [YAHAYA] passes the ball to the Igbo man [IHEANACHO] & the Igbo man tries and dribbles his way out of the huddles just to set up the Yoruba man [AWONIYI] to score the goal.

That one goal that was fought for by the collective responsibility,hard work and contributions of all the ethnic Nationality for one common goal [interest] that will benefit, elevate and sky rocket this One Nation to a greater height and achievement (s). We should learn from this… we are one Nigeria, and that one greater Nigeria will only be possible if we eschew this our habit of ethnic sentiments and religious bias.


[By Sani Abubakar]