DSS Home Invasion & The Arrest Of Corrupt Nigerian Judges Who Collected Bribe – Awoyemi Reuben

arrest corrupt nigerian judges bribe abuja

Oct 9, 2016 – Opinion: Still On The Arrest Of Corrupt Nigerian Judges Who Collected Bribe In Abuja, Port Harcourt & Gombe States – Awoyemi Reuben

DSS Home Invasion & The Arrest Of Corrupt Nigerian Judges Who Collected Bribe In Abuja – Awoyemi Reuben

By the way, what is so special in arresting judges and getting their houses searched? Are they not human beings in the services of govt. What made them special? Rep Jefferson house was searched, he was arrested and prosecuted in US during Atiku saga.

He was later jailed for taking bribe. Please before we made them special breed, read the stories of the country we are copying and you will discover that the law respects nobody. For Gods sake who is happy with the way this country has been grounded?

Each day you wake up, you hear stories of corrupt back and front. Nigerians don’t steal millions any more but billions and trillions.

What did Jonathan’s wife do for living orthan than being the president’s wife.

How much does a court judge earn? We are talking of high grade corruption, some of us are saying some people are special. Who are they? Whatever method used to arrest and detain them should not be the big issue, the question is where did they find the money found with them. ?

A South Korean minister was executed for insulting the prime minister. For God sake, this country must have rules and regulation,with active legal system.

Before our very own eyes, Anwan Sadat of Egypt was wheeled to court from the hospital each day his case come up in the court, and he was later jailed.

Buhari is shouting himself to the rooftop everyday that the judiciary is not cooperating with him. He has his reasons and findings .

Now the die is cast. He is beaming his search light on this giant obstacle to his success and we are saying his method is crude.

What method do we want him to use knowing fully well that he is now going after the most dreaded obstacle. He knows there will be hues and cries. He knows lawyers, judges and the hanger ons will bring the roof down.

Yes let’s bring the roof down. We will all go down. This is one task that must be down. Jubrin said they shared billions and he got over 600million naira. Is he telling lies against himself.

Yet Nigerians are condemning him for crying out.

What kind of country is this? What kind of human being are we?Before these revelations a deaf and dumb Nigerian knows that judiciary is stinking like other places and we heard people saying he should go after them if he knew them.

Now he is after them what again do we want him to do? To treat them with glove hands or tell them that he is coming to search their houses? To prepare their minds ahead.?

Instead of been happy that Buhari is after them, we are questioning his authority for doing his job.

What an insult to the integrity of the nation?

Let the judiciary collapse the country becasue they are now at the centre of attraction.

Let lawyers go on strike. Let judiciary workers go on strike, let all courts stop work. This job must be done, No sacred cow. We are all equal, we only have opportunities.

By the way, what is Wike ‘s business in arresting judges. Wike prevented the arrest, ?

Is this not enough sign for right thinking Nigerians to smell a rat?

Please we need to sit up. This is my opinion . No apology.

Awoyemi Reuben writes from Ado Ekiti.