Opinion: If 80 Million Nigerians Are Unemployed At This Stage, Then Let’s Go Farming – Omokehinde


80 million nigerians unemployed

September 4, 2016 – Opinion: If 80 Million Nigerians Are Unemployed At This Stage, Then Let’s Invest In Agriculture – Omokehinde

Opinion article by Popular commentator Omokehinde

If close to 80 millions Nigerians are unemployed or underemployed, it means that our nation is in a serious trouble. But we must approach our unemployment rate of about 40% with facts, solutions, and the reason for that high rate?

Before the oil exploration in Nigeria with millions of hecters of fertile soil, our economy was agricultural based. Immediately we started exploiting crude oil and making good money, everyone abandoned our agricultural sector for white collar jobs in the cities of Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt and Kaduna. However, the negative effects was not felt in those days because we had shortage of university graduates in the 60s, 70s, and up to early 80s.

But today, our demand for graduate is at negative rate because we are not a progressive or productive nation but a consuming nation. A nation with insecurity, unstable electricity, bad roads and bridges, and with terrible health care problems cannot attract any foreign or domestic investors.

Many major Nigerian manufacturing companies have left because it cost far more to provide because of lack of constant electricity supply. Only a pure f**l or ignorant person or people will blame President Buhari for our current economy recession.

Infact, the recession started with Jonathan administration when about 34 states are unable to pay salaries of their workers due to over 70% reduction in oil revenue from 2014 to date. The problem is inability of Jonathan administration to save for the raining days when we had oil boom at $150 /barrel for five years of his six disastrous years as president. We were here today because of looting, embezzlement, mismanagement, misappropriation, money laundering operations, and corruption of our politicians and military rulers of over 40 years.

If not for God intervention that gave us PMB, Nigeria would have completely turn upside down to Animal Kingdom because those animals in human body that stole billions of dollars would have continue to embezzle the little revenue been generated today.

The quick fix and only solution to cut down our youth unemployment is massive investment in Agriculture by local, state, individuals, and federal government. People should relocate back to their various villages, home towns, and birth homes where there are plenty of land to start farming, poultry cask crops, cocoa , rubber, timber, coffee, in small scales and commercial qualities.

No government provides jobs for the citizens but government responsibility is to provide conducive environment like providing electricity, security, modern health care, and other infrastructures that attracts both foreign and domestic investors.

Can PMB provide all these basic Infrastructures in the face of reduction in federal revenue, Niger Delta Avengers destruction of oil pipes, corrupt legislative, corrupt governor like Fayose and with Nigerian tribalism, ignorance, and impatience? The answer is capital ” No”.

Nigeria didn’t know nor appreciate what PMB is doing now because those corrupt bastards left him a nation on life support, and cast away with billions of dollars of people’s money to enjoy life with their families.

I repeat, only an insane or pure ignorant or a very wicked person will blame President Buhari for our current economy hardship and poverty.

Agricultural is our only option right now.