Corruption & Oil Dependence Behind Nigeria’s Economic Recession


corruption nigerian economic recession

Sept 4, 2016 – Corruption & Oil Dependence Behind Nigeria’s Economic Recession..This Is How To Fix It

We are in this problem because of our arrogance, corruption, greed and in ability of our leaders to govern. Since we understand our problem, what is the next solution? this is what we suppose to be working on not to be complaining. United States of America went on recession in 2008, they are now gradually coming out of it but not completely because they quickly put on some corrective measures to create employment for their people. We are so proud that we cannot ask for help while we are dying.

It is unfortunate that we still don’t know how to create jobs and most of our technocrats are so proud that they are the most learned people in the world and yet unable to proffer a solution to our problem. We had earlier made a huge mistakes by putting all our egg in a basket i.e by dependent solely on oil. Some ignorant people will continue shouting the slogan We are blessed with “OIL” and so f**king what? we are blessed with oil but we cannot feed ourselves, we cannot create jobs through that resource, no infrastructures, no good roads, our healthcare system is negative.

We sit back and think that since we have oil that is the end. For your information your oil may mean nothing by the year 2025 because at the rate at which the technology is advancing.

Most advance Countries are now investing more in technology so that they change their dependency on oil. Why do you think they are investing more on Electric cars, Fossil fuel, Ethanol (making oil from corn or vegetable oil), Hybrid cars, Geo thermal (energy obtained from the earth) etc which I believe they can expand more for the benefit of the world. Instead of trying to learn from these people, all we know how to do is to steal our resources and save it in their custody. They see what we are doing and concluded that there is no way we can do something better to our own advantage.

If we appoint a leader today, the first thing such person will do is to start stealing our money in order to save it for his great grandchildren. They don’t even steal what they need but they are saving for their great grandchild who are not yet born subjecting the present living citizen to unnecessary hardship that is the thinking of a low thinking black man. These kids do not need all these thing especially the new millennial and cloud generation. They look at it as a waste.

There are lot of things we can do to get ourselves from the jaw of unnecessary recession. We need to strengthening our law because we are in trouble if nobody is held accountable for his/her wrong doing.

Secondly, we need to create jobs for millions of Nigerian to alleviate poverty/inflation. We must learn how to diversify not to depend on oil alone let us learn how to engage in mechanized farming or subsistence farming. If we can only do that other Countries can benefit from us at least they can be saying food is cheaper in Nigeria. There is no easier way to get out of this mess order than commitment, dedication, sincerity, perseverance, hardwork and proper accountability.

Fellow Nigerians, are we ready for commitment? I don’t think so. Most of us cannot accept minimum wages to serve this nation. If you ask 98% of people in National Assembly to serve this nation and get paid salary for graduate without other additional benefits you can hardly see anyone willingly ready to do the job. Most of them are there to make all the money they can make not in the interest of nation. These are the same set of people who cannot agree to slash their huge income for the benefit of the entire nation. That is not commitment.

The situation of this country has turned out to be a big concern for me. I cannot believe that my once beloved country that was peaceful and rich can turn out to be so poor, worse and poverty-stricken overnight.

[Written By Popular Commentator Jilo]