Opinion: Why President Buhari Can’t Fix Economic Problems Facing Nigeria In 9 Months

March 17, 2016 – Opinion: Why President Buhari Can’t Fix Economic Problems Facing Nigeria In 9 Months

It is a pity that majority of Nigerian youths are not well informed and are not tune to how real government should be run for the good of all instead of very few politicians and their families and friends.

Instead, they go to universities and colleges to practice secret cult, aristos, and get involves in all kind of evil except learning. Knowledge is powerful and a bright light to guide the prudent from falling and making informed decisions.

It is so shameful that Nigerian youths are not knowledgeable about the destructive and negative impacts of corruption in any society, our nation, and in any organization. Some cannot even reason above their tribes, religion,culture, language and other sentiments. If our Head of States and various criminal presidents and politicians are not vagabonds, looters, and unpatriotic individuals, Nigeria will be far better than England today and than any in Africa with our diverse minerals resources, fertile soil, good weather, and crude oil.

But for over 35 years, our nation have been ridiculed, shattered, set backward, reduced to nothing, and destinies of millions of our youths have diverted into armed robbery, kidnapping, prostitutes, 419s, occultists, and Hired assassins because of negative effects of bad governance, looting, embezzlement, mismanagement, money laundering operations, and bad governance from our past leaders.

The sad part is that the evil politicians from every region of Nigeria use our dumb youths for evil campaign strategies at any time they wish with token of the people’s money have looted. Today, some are calling for PMB to perform instant miracles just in 9 months of Jonathan’s recklessness. What they don’t know or pretend not to know is that, if corruption is not defeated in our messy system of government from local, state and federal levels, we are not going to ever have a stable and prosperous nation.

There is no elected president in Nigerian history that is fighting corruption like PMB. President Buhari inherited the worst situations in our history as president on May 28, 2015 from Jonathan. He needs time, resources, our support, and prayers to put out our dying nation from her life support status from corruption of over 35 years.

No right thinking person should expect him to fix all our problems in 9 months. May God Almighty help him in order to help us. Amen.

[Popular NG commentator Omokehinde writes from Lagos]

17 thoughts on “Opinion: Why President Buhari Can’t Fix Economic Problems Facing Nigeria In 9 Months

  1. Nice write up,we all should support,pray and give PMB enough time to do his job perfectly.#PRAYNSUPPORTPMB

  2. Lies! Buhari is not doing anything to help curb the economic problem. He is busy traveling from country to country wasting our resources.

  3. you’re a ******commentator Mr. man! go and look into your dictionary to know what corruption mean. if were to be you know what corruption means, you would have not spoken in favour of a president who causes disappointment, discouragement and poor economy to the this nation called: Nigeria. you talked about corruption. let me ask you simple question what level of ******? speaking about corruption. let me tell you what you don’t know; if really that your president” not my president” I called him your president because you speak in favour of him. if really he is fighting corruption, there will be no rumour of funani killing villagers that I hear everyday. I already know the secret behind it. the secret behind it is that, he’s trying to islamise Nigeria. Even you are in support of this and it will never work. you also talk about how university and college student get involved in secret acts. Even the president you speak in favour of, is their leader. can you tell me now that, when he was conducting election he did not send some secret cults to go and kill his opponent? there’re a lot of things you don’t know about okay. so when you’re speaking, speak in favour of yourself. look at Nigeria economy is depleting everyday the cost of everything is now very high. ************************!

  4. whoever you are Omokehinde;I don’t know whether you are a man or a woman but I found you to be a resourceful mind,an inspiration who posses a sound knowledge.you put ur good education to good use commenting truthfully:saying it the way it is all d time.I read all ur comment here.God bless you greatly dear..

  5. I want to ask? Does the president in his selfish state acknowledge this commentators, or is it mere eye service?.

  6. Waka waka big yaro is too weak to take actions at the right time. Empty promises I see. Never promise what u can offer.


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