Over 20 Nigerians Deported From UK


nigerians deported from london on Friday

June 8, 2012 – Over 20 Nigerians Deported From UK

At least 20 Nigerians were today deported from the UK to Nigeria. www.naijagists.com

This latest batch of Nigerian deportees where dropped off at MMIA (Murtala Muhammed International Airport) in Lagos State Nigeria on Friday morning.

nigerians deported from uk to nigeriaPrevious Nigerian deportees

The Nigerian deportees left the United Kingdom at about 2 a.m. today on a chartered flight along with Africans from other countries, Mr. Morrison Robinson, one of the deportees, said.

He said almost all the deportees had overstayed in the United Kingdom beyond the time permitted by their entry visas and were detained before being deported onboard a chartered Italian plane.

“We were many. They are still going to Congo and other African countries,” Robinson said, looking at his two bags and expecting a relative to take him home.

No place like home welcome guys!