The Black Axe & KKK Cult Groups Clash, 4 Killed In Crutech

June 8, 2012 – The Black Axe & KKK Cult Groups Clash, 4 Killed

As students of the Cross River University of Technology, CRUTECH, begin to round off the first semester examination, misunderstanding between two cult groups, The Black Axe and KKK has led to the shooting to death on Thursday afternoon of one student, Herbert Akpo and three others in the University of Calabar, the state capital, southsouth Nigeria.

Some sources said the clash continued this morning in Calabar.

While Herbet was shot right in the school compound while he was eating in a buka, the shooting in the University of Calabar took place behind the New Library edifice where cult groups regularly converge to take illicit drugs.

“He got a call to join them in the bukateria and was shot on the forehead while he was eating in the restaurant close to Hall One,” a source in the school disclosed

The source said the victim was a third year student of Visual Art and the Director of Socials in the Students’ Union Government of the school.

“He was from Obudu and I don’t know what he did to them but he was shot while he was eating,” the source said.

The shooting in the University of Calabar which took place in the night was to avenge the shooting in the Cross River University of Technology.

“There was hooting in the night at the CRUTECH Pavilion and the University of Calabar Library and some lives were lost there,” our source said.

According to a source, the trouble started on Wednesday evening at a drinking spot close to the school gate “where both members of the Black Axe and KKK were drinking and a misunderstanding erupted which may have led to the shootings on Thursday.”

Some sources said the Vikings Confraternity and the Black Axe may have been involved in the bloody clashes as they are usually rekindling their bitter rivalry and intense hatred for each other.

The Post-UME Aptitude test for those seeking admission into the school is scheduled for Saturday, and it is not certain if this will still take place as the situation in the school is now very tense.

90 thoughts on “The Black Axe & KKK Cult Groups Clash, 4 Killed In Crutech

  1. Arow mates…tell no tell for the days are evil.we de capless to observe more the madness of the little ones.
    I remain a baga for life.let the evil that tempt us protect us.wida wida we ….so

  2. How can we stop cultism when many of the police belong to one cult or the other. Who do we report to?

  3. Ave am Ave cok and shoot well known in plantain plantation, Alabo he who knows what the game is can play, but those who dont know how to play, causes fow play, ass well as All so call axe, bagga, etc. fearless and capless but do more, to pass through five hall is not a child play, kkk is not dog men take it or live it, SWAGGAR said so, AVE.

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