P-Square Denies Private Jet Ownership “We Plan To Buy One Soon”

psquare's private jet

April 4, 2013 – P-Square Denies Private Jet Ownership “We Plan To Buy One Soon”

Does p square have a private jet? Na lie we no get one we borrow am.

Nigeria’s #1 celebrity twin brothers, Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye of P-Square have debunked the story that they own a private jet.

In this latest interview with Victor Akande, below is what the duo said when queried about their private jet ownership;

It’s not true my brother. We had a deal with a private jet company, which provides that whenever we are going to a specific place, we would be provided a jet. That way, they always gave us their private jets to travel with. This makes our trips easier.

On the other hand, we are close to the presidents of most African countries, so when they hear that we are coming to their country, they usually send their private jets to pick us wherever we are. But that is not to say we can’t acquire our own jet. As a matter of fact, we are planning to get ours.

Acquiring a private jet is very expensive.

In the past 10 years wealthy Nigerians have invested over 1.4 trillion naira on Private jets acquisition.

Money dey plenty for this country o.

6 thoughts on “P-Square Denies Private Jet Ownership “We Plan To Buy One Soon”

  1. Mak people stop lieying for Gods sake. P square mak unah go buy ur own private jet ooo, stop borrow borrow abeg .

  2. Pls u guys i like some people’s in nigeria need help,ok look at de poor And de homeless people’s.if u guys help dem na bad thing ,i just pray that GOD that gave me life should give all de poor people’s. In this life what dey need in JESUS name Amen.

  3. This so called earth riches, there are those who corrupts this our dear country, Nigeria. We only needs God intervention, cos it’s ignoramiouse to all of them.

  4. my qeustion is, uncle P’s, hw many lifes hav u touch positivly? Watz ur source of hapinez? Mehn u guyz oughta thnk! Its not al abt acquiring wealth, der’s more 2it!

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