P-Square Spotted Praying Backstage At Congo Concert (Photos)

psquare praying congo concert

July 14, 2013 – P-Square Spotted Praying Backstage At Congo Concert (Pictures)

It’s nice to know that these stars too acknowledge the efficacy of prayer in every of life’s endeavour.

P-Square twin brothers, Peter and Paul Okoye performed at a concert in Congo yesterday.

The twin brothers and 3 dance crew were spotted praying at the backstage of the concert.

The musical duo staged a strong performance in Congo on Saturday.

Here are more photos from P Square‘s Congo concert

psquare congo concert

psquare concert in congo

18 thoughts on “P-Square Spotted Praying Backstage At Congo Concert (Photos)

  1. Dis guyz re my mentor, dey stil acknowledge dat dey have God, u re bless keep it up…

  2. Hw can Dos illuminati member be prayin who told u dey ar prayin pple who ar dancin n singin 2 d devil

  3. What makes you think they were praying to God? The bible says that friendship with the world is emnity with God.

  4. I love p-square very much, read about them very well bro. Their hands are very clean. Pls just leave them alone.
    you can never stop p-square
    if you hate p-square, i hate you most!

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