Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Donates N1 Billion To BIU, Benson Idahosa University

1 billion donation pastor chris

Oct 23, 2015 – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Donates 1 Billion Naira To BIU, Benson Idahosa University

The GO of BLM aka Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyahkhilome has donated a whopping N1 billion to Benson Idahosa University, Benin campus.

The popular televangelist says the donation is borne out of passion for his mentor, late Benson Idahosa of blessed memory.

The fund will be used to develop the Faculty of Engineering.

This was made known by Laurie Idahosa, the daughter in law of late Idahosa.


3 thoughts on “Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Donates N1 Billion To BIU, Benson Idahosa University

  1. Gullible Nigerians and some black fools all over the world keep donating money to this guy man. Rhapsody of mugus. Keep clapping your hands Jesus is coming soon. Shedding tears… my people is being brain washed daily.

    • Do you know the billions of naira that people in his congregation have gotten from him. Just recently he gave 100million to a saxophonist. He has given many cars to people in his church just for your information.
      It is only poor people that criticise rich people.
      Think and research well before talking.

  2. Poor congregation tithes and offerings! So there are no poor people among his congregation to give 500,000.00 naija each to start up a small scale business? Shior

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