David Ibiyeomie & Iyabo Ojo Adultery Scandal: Kemi Olunloyo Jailed In Port Harcourt For Cyber Crime


David Ibiyeomie & Iyabo Ojo Adultery Scandal

March 16, 2017 – Pastor David Ibiyeomie & Iyabo Ojo Adultery Scandal: Kemi Olunloyo & Daily Post Journalist Jailed In Port Harcourt Over Cyber crime

Pastor David Ibiyeomie & Iyabo Ojo Adultery Scandal: Kemi Olunloyo Imprisoned In Port Harcourt For Cyber Crime

Notorious cyber bully, Kemi Olunloyo and a blogger who copied her story on highly respected man of God Pastor David Ibiyeomie and Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo are currently in prison in Port Harcourt.

It all started when a church member of David Ibiyeomie wrote a letter to Miss Olunloyo about a corruption and adultery case involving Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo.

Madam Olunloyo posted the letter word for word on her blog before one of her followers, Danielle Ogbeche of Daily Post copied the story.

The story which went viral was also posted on over 500 copy blogs in Nigeria and all over the world.

Kemi Olunloyo told her fans on IG yesterday that Pastor Ibiyeomie later called to threaten her for trying to tarnish his image, when she did nothing, Police IG ordered her (Kemi Olunloyo) and Danielle Ogbeche picked up.

The two have been remanded in a prison in Port Harcourt till next week Thursday the 23rd of March 2017 when they will be officially arraigned for cyber crime.

Kemi Olunloyo added that Femi Fani Kayode is now her spokesperson.

This is what she wrote on Instagram yesterday;

Kemi Olunloyo’s incarceration is a dream come true for most of her victims.

Since she was deported to Nigeria, she has said so many things that could have gotten her in trouble long ago but because of her position as former Governor’s daughter, she keeps getting away.

Please remember her in your prayers **wink**

Hope this will serve as a big warning to all copybloggers in Nigeria.

32 thoughts on “David Ibiyeomie & Iyabo Ojo Adultery Scandal: Kemi Olunloyo Jailed In Port Harcourt For Cyber Crime

  1. So after Suleiman is Ibiyiome. I am not understand. To be pastor not easy. Bicos womens are carry tentation to be tentation to you. Both the true story and the lie story they are told to pipul. Is a sandals. Na sandalous story be this. Sandals every where.

  2. You haven’t seen anything… You were even deported from another country… You don’t have a good record sef… Imagine publishing something that you ain’t sure of… Just to tarnish one’s imagine… If you are innocent, you’ll be freed but if not, you’ll be a scapegoat for others… Where you learn ur own journalism?

  3. it serves them right. All of them going about destroying the men of God with their evil allegation so shall God expose and disgrace them.

  4. End Time. The devil off course will not rest so i wonder why people are wondering why all these is happening. We just need to pray.

  5. Many of these pastors use the pulpit to lure women for sex. While up there preaching, they are searching for beautiful women with their eyes. Imagine the Kenyan pastor who told ladies in his church to come to church without underwear and bras so that the holy spirit will enter them. Their sins is worse that those of we common people because they use the name of God to lure other peoples wives and girlfriends to bed.

    • I am sure you must have slept with one or more of them to be able to categorically have this stand because if you have not tasted you cannot say!!! So are you confessing now because the one that is caught is always the thief while the many others claim to be saints.


  7. David Ibiyeomie is my spiritual father, he has changed lives and made PH men to love and care for their family and wife, he’s too busy with the work of God to have these foolish time for women, you aint a journalist ! so you mean if i tell you Buhari is hiding in Port Harocurt, you will post it? that’s just to show your level of foolishness, even a learner in Journalism won’t do this? i just hope you sleep to death in prison because Nigeria don’t need stupid journalist like you Ma !

  8. Jesus christ sufferd more pesecuition than what ur general overseer is acusesd of he was floged the spat on him , eventually death yet he ask God to forgive his pesecutors, so why would ur pastor fight back his pesecutors or his followas like u fight for him don’t be blind and deaf at the same time @ shadrack o.

    • Ice cube you lack the word.ur mind is not renewed, come out of religious cobus. This is the era of the the Holy spirit.genuine Nigerian pastors still remain the greatest in the world. David Ibiyeomie is my spiritual father and role model

      • keep quiet spiritual father indeed , do you know what spiritual father is …..God is the only spiritual father we have and stop that rubbish calling ur fellow human ur spiritual father his he a spirit …fake pastors everywhere the end shall tell….i attend his church as well but his full of pride and i dont even see any good example in him as a disciple of christ

    • Right from the days of John the baptist the kingdom of God suffers violent nd only the Violence taketh by force. Jesus came and died like a lamb buh He resurrected like as Lion. We are of the New Testament/covernant Christians, We cant be used like lambs anymore. Christ has done all that in the old testament..the killer side of God is in display in our time you get that? God will make an open show of any one trying to tarnish the image of His elect…be warned.

  9. @Ice cube, speak for yourself. For the fact that one is a man of God doesn’t mean that he should apply scripture in everything knowing that the rule of law may apply. God is dynamic and not static. If Pastor D. Ibiyeomie choose to prosecute Kemi Olunloyo he is within his right to do so and if he chooses not to is till up to him to decide. So comparing his action with that of Christ is baseless.
    That bit*h needs to be taught a lesson, that was how she has been accusing men of God and be getting away with it. It’s high time someone needs to shut her up.

  10. Ice cube or whatever u are called let me tell you my papa has come to work the work of he that sent him, and no power can stop him both physical or spiritual they have been trying in many ways, but they can never succeed, now they have paid this one to tarnish the image of my papa, she succeeded with sir suleman buh our papa is fire himself. I hope she will roten in jail.

  11. MY TAKE: We are not in end times at all. We are in a time pastors, spiritual leaders or whatever name they are given have a lot of questions to answer and a lot of work to do in making heaven themselves and likewise those that genuinely and blindly follow them. I don’t know this pastor and really I’m not interested in knowing him, these pastors are meant to help us and be an addition to however we seek God. I will respect any pastor until it is CLEARLY out in the open of their abuse of power and authority using the position they have attained. For Kemi Olunloyo, I don’t know her to and not interested to know her as well. Journalism has ethics that guides them and if she has gone past her line, she must be brought to order but not by jailing her. Freedom of speech is key and you or me might me the next Kemi Olunloyo. Finally, pastors please have the fear of God and do WHAT IS RIGHT. Bible says so many will come in my Name, I’ll leave it to Baba God to deal with pastors, you and I.

  12. God must anybody who want touch the anointed man that God sent because of me and you,devil is full of lies,and their fabricated allegation ll fall on them those miscreant elements for trying to tarnish my papa’s image.

  13. God must punish anybody who want touch the anointed man that God sent because of me and you,devil is full of lies,and their fabricated allegation ll fall on them those miscreant elements for trying to tarnish my papa’s image.

  14. It is way past freedom of speech to tarnish the image of anyone whether he be or be not a man of God. To talk about freedom of speech or investigative journalism when you publish defamatory stories about anyone on a worldwide platform without proof is a major crime. It takes decades to build up your reputation and in a matter of days someone just stands up and destroys it. Really? Please publish what you know is true and you have proof otherwise face the full force of the law.

  15. I have read most of the things this lady publishes and I come to a conclusion that she is not a genius blogger or journalist. She is a trouble maker to and an agent of Satan. There are better bloggers who are not based on condemning people. Though she enjoys tarnishing people’s images, someday she might not like the repercussions. Papa should just let go. I love David Ibiyomie.

  16. Guys,wait oooo.Has forgiveness faded away?If our Lord could forgive,wat about usPlease see Our Lord’s Prayer

  17. I want to believe that these people who are demanding that kemi should die in prison are not members of Ibiyeomies Church,or more so Christians, because if they are,I wonder what their Pastors preach to them. Could it be that forgiveness is a better preached than practiced?
    Let’s think twice no matter who’s toes is stepped on.

  18. Issues of scandals should not be handled mildly. Remember this same women had issues with pastor johnson suleman now its ibiyeomie’s turn, if shes not tot a lesson she would look for another pastor to scandalize

  19. na so God go punish pple wey lie fr man of God.u jst pst without confirmin.u ar foolish,a scallywag,a bonvoclack.Od go stil punish u sha both d person wey post without investigatin and confirmin nd d person wey go reply.xo jst go nd serve ur term in jail fool.u dnt even hv good recird sha.xo neminis caught up wif u.GTH(go to hell)for all i care.may God forgive nd punish u.Amen

  20. The Bible says touch not my anointed and do my Son no harm. 1. That old fool has touched a son(Man of God)It says again He or she that touches Him has touched the apple of His eye 2. That old fool has touched the apple of God’s eye.David Ibiyeomie is my Father and no reasonable son will stand and see his father disgraced in the public. David Ibiyiomie has sons and daughters all over the world and He is an institution, for your information no one play with an Institution. The law must take her place. She is busy destroying people and talking people down without respect. Can she write such nonsense about Emir of Kano or Sokoto or any other muslim elite. Which mean she know what she is doing. Cos Christianity preaches forgiveness no.God has two side the Killing (Vengeance)side and the Mercy(Forgiveness)side. She doesn’t even have respect for her Father that is why the man disowned her. No wonder she can not stay married. Rubbish we are waiting for her to talk more.50 yrs imprisonment await her.

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