Pastor Enemchukwu Divorces Wife Of 26yrs – My Wife Is Giving Me A Tough Time

Pastor Goodness Enemchukwu

Oct 13, 2012 – Pastor Enemchukwu Divorces Wife Of 26yrs – My Wife Is Giving Me A Tough Time

Pastor Goodness Enemchukwu of Jesus World Church in Lagos has filed for divorce from his wife of 26 years, Augustina Enemchukwu.

The pastor got his request granted on Friday when a Lagos Customary Court presided by Mr Adewale Eko declared the couple were no longer husband and wife as all effort of the court to save the marriage failed.

The pastor accused his wife, Augustina, the mother of their 7 children of lack of support for his ministry and disrespect.

“This court has no choice than to dissolve the union, in spite of the fact that the wife still claims she loves her husband. The parties are free to go their separate ways,’’ the presiding judge ruled.

He said that the first three children of the marriage, aged 25, 23, 21 were old enough to decide where to live.

” The custody of the remaining four children, who are under age, is hereby referred to the Family Court,” he said.

The court ordered Goodness to allow Augustina to enter his house and pack her belongings in the presence of some court officials and policemen.

Eko also ordered the cleric to pay N100,000 as rehabilitation cost to Augustina, and N10,000 monthly for the upkeep of the children.

Goodness, a pastor of the Jesus World Church, filed for divorce on 4 September.

“My wife is giving me a tough time; she does not respect me, she fights me and rains curses on me,’’ Goodness told the court.

He claimed that Augustina refused to support his ministry, and that she discouraged worshippers from coming to the church.

“Because of her troubles, I had to leave the house for her and move to the camp,” the pastor, who resides at Okerube, a Lagos suburb, said.

He prayed the court to dissolve the union to enable him to forge ahead in his pastoral work.

Augustina denied the allegations, saying that she has been a submissive wife.

She accused Goodness of womanising.

“About six members of the church have called me on phone, telling me to warn my husband. I told him to stop disgracing God and turn a new leaf, but he refused,” she said. (pm reports)

17 thoughts on “Pastor Enemchukwu Divorces Wife Of 26yrs – My Wife Is Giving Me A Tough Time

  1. It a pity for a pastor to divource his wife with seven children,this case is a simple case nothing impossible in a present of almighty God, if you are a real man of God not yeye call God your wife will change for better is not ordinary eye she may posses by the devil.

  2. Sometimes it can get so out of hand that the wife is literally possessed by the devil. Had an uncle in a similar situation the wife would sleep with toyboys, became number one patron of a pub in their hood until the Reverend said enough is enough. Maybe we should not judge too much the men of God might have genuine reasons.

  3. Finally d American nonsense has caught up with our ministers. what do u expect when pastors are not accountable 2 anyone they just do whatt they want. no one checks them to correct them. they are like sole proprietors. God must help us.

  4. this so called pastor is the most foolish man i have ever hear of after having 7 children you stat from 1 to 7 the ministry was not disturbed huuummm because of this so call home reckers you are sleeping with in church i think the woman should live all the children for you but she shouldnt because you will sleep with the girl among them shame on you, your church will soon be empty if you did not stop chasing the with your uncrolable dog dic you have.

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