Pastor Tunde Bakare Blasts NASS Lawmakers Over N9M Wardrobe Allowance


nass 9 billion wardrobe allowance

June 23, 2015 – Pastor Tunde Bakare Blasts National Assembly Members Over N9 Billion Wardrobe Allowance, Asks If They’re Doing Fashion Parade

Hear what Latter Rain Pastor Tunde Bakare said about the controversial N9 Billion wardrobe allowance budget earmarked for the National House of Assembly Members.

“I believe they were wearing clothes before they came in. Were they naked before they got there? Didn’t they have clothes in their wardrobes?
“Where are the likes of Papa Ajasin, former Governor of Ondo state, who declared his asset and said the number of clothes he took to the State House was the same number he came out with?

“Will our lawmakers be on a fashion parade? All those things should be cut off.
“We have states that cannot pay salaries and they want to live fat at the expense of the masses. I believe that time will sort everything out.”

Those selfish politicians lack the fear of God. How can this huge amount be put aside for wardrobe only???

It is obvious they are in it for their own selfish interests.